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Customize Recurring Orders with the help of a certified expert

Whether you're looking to make customizations to the design of Recurring Orders for your brand, or build a completely custom workflow, anything is possible with the help of one of our certified experts.

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Being one of the top-reviewed Shopify Plus experts is not a coincidence – our team of skilled designers and developers bring years of experience to the table. We partner with brands to bring their stories to life through creative, innovative thinking.

eHouse Studio

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eHouse Studio is a customer-first commerce agency dedicated to keeping you ahead of every shift in shopping behaviors. Our consultative team provides you the very best in strategy, content, design, and technology delivering powerful and effective results.

Seamonster Studios

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As a preferred developer, we bring our web chops and marketing prowess to your online shop and deliver unique retail experiences backed by proven best practices and results.

Minion Made

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We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and interactive. We are a team of professional developers inspired by creativity and driven by client success.


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With a shameless addiction to turning traffic into sales, building e-Commerce experiences is just the beginning for us. We obsessively monitor these solutions, implement improvements, and then repeat. Our product is an e-commerce experience that converts.

Command C

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Command C is a world-class eCommerce agency whose mission is to help clients sell more and stress less. Since 2004, we have been strategically managing and executing complex projects from a customer-first perspective.


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Ethercycle helps Shopify merchants grow their revenue through conversion rate optimization and marketing automation. Unlike other Shopify Experts, we're solely concerned with delivering the highest ROI.


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Looking to implement one of Bold’s apps safely on your Shopify Store? Or need an expert consultation of your overall app infrastructure? Contact us for a chat. As 1 of the first 3 Shopify Plus Experts in Europe, we are often personally recommended by Shopify.

Parkfield Commerce

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We create beautifully designed and modern eCommerce stores that capture the essence of our clients' brands and that are geared to sell and executed to ensure a pixel perfect experience.

Insightin | Digital

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Insightin Digital is a results-driven e-commerce solution for every marketer’s needs. Our team of Strategists design solutions to meet any marketing challenge. Our premier partnerships with industry-leading e-commerce platforms is your advantage.

Satel Creative

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Satel Creative is a diverse team of ethical professionals specializing in e-commerce design and retail software. With international roots and our headquarters in Vancouver, BC we’ve spent more than a decade partnering with clients of all sizes.

Icee Social

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Mark created ICEE Social to satisfy his clients' growing eCommerce development needs.The best part of our job is helping businesses take an idea and flesh it out to a fully functioning business. To us there’s no greater accomplishment in the world.

Stream Commerce

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We are a full-service Shopify Plus agency partner providing a comprehensive suite of end-to-end eCommerce solutions. Led by passionate expert enterprise eCommerce operators. Learn and benefit from our experience in scaling profitable sales.


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BTown Web is a development agency that provides programming and marketing services to eCommerce companies. We help our clients with Platforms (Shopify & Shopify Plus), Services (Dev, Design, Marketing and Analytics), Consulting, and Integrations.


Contact BVAccel

Brand Value Accelerator (BVAccel) is one of the pioneer Shopify Plus Partners and the fastest growing Shopify agency in the world. We are innovative, data-driven experts from across the eCommerce sector and we maintain impactful partnerships with Shopify, Optimizely and Google.

Eastside Co

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Eastside Co is the number one Shopify partner in the UK. Our digital agency has a track record of designing and creating beautiful websites and helpful app solutions for clients with ambitions for success and innovation.


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We're a creative agency that elevates your brand by enhancing its appeal, from how good you look to how successfully you engage your target audience. We specialize in eCommerce with a strong focus on automation and conversion optimization.

Arroba System

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Arroba System is a mexican company with more than 19 years transforming business internally and externally. We create digital strategies with focus on increasing the return of investment of websites & e-commerce. Shopify Plus Experts and Google Partners.


Contact DBNY

DBNY is an independent digital agency, helping ambitious brands create scaleable eCommerce solutions through strategy, design, and technology to improve how they connect with customers.


Contact SplitMango

Working with Shopify since the very beginning, SplitMango designs and develops Shopify websites for business owners, designers, and agencies. We are experienced in App, Mobile and WordPress integrations for Shopify and have helped more than a few businesses reach new heights with their online store.


Contact Advancify

Advancify is an integrated technology agency who specializes in website design and communications. Our mission is to grow together with companies by integrating power platforms like Shopify and RingCentral to streamline sales and communications.


Contact Elkfox

With a focus on digital commerce design and development, Elkfox have worked with businesses of all sizes; from startups and established companies to enterprise organizations. With more than a decade of experience working as specialists in digital commerce, the team at Elkfox are fully equipped to provide custom eCommerce development and third party integration.


Contact Verbal+Visual

Verbal+Visual creates immersive e-commerce experiences for lifestyle brands we love.

The Hauser Design Group

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We specialize in custom design, development & lead generation for our customers. Our goal is to provide outstanding value and communication while developing a long-term relationship that elevates your success!

Abby Rose Design

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At ARD, we design and develop websites, specializing in artful UX design and acute development. With offices along the California coast, we’re comprised of designers and technologists with impeccable taste and cutting-edge knowledge of eCommerce development.

"We were able to launch a Subscription service to provide monthly baking kits to our customers, which has allowed us to continue to grow in our 2nd year of business. It's been a real game changer!"

Agathe Assouline-Lichten, Red Velvet NYC

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