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Dedicated Account Managers

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Subscription specialists

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Personalized attention

Free theme customizations

99.9% uptime

"We’ve just recently started using Recurring Orders, but the app has already paid for itself and more! It's a huge incentive for every customer and a "game changer" for our store!"

Mike Silliman, Do Right Coffee

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Powerful subscription solutions

Powerful integrations

Connect Recurring Orders with services such as: Google Analytics, Facebook, Referral Candy, and much more.

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Built for big brands

From Shark Tank appearances to Super Bowl commercials, Recurring Orders is built to handle any amount of traffic and keep your business running.

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Seamless migrations

Regardless of the platform, or size of your business, easily migrate your subscribers to Recurring Orders.

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Dedicated account manager

Personalized service from our team of subscription specialists.

Talk to Sales

Dynamic Discounts

Increases conversions by offering discounts on the first order, or boost retention by offering discounts on future orders.

Detailed reporting & analytics

Real-time analytics and reporting allowing you to understand every aspect of your subscription business.

Custom subscription Boxes

Create flexible subscription boxes, and allow customers to swap out individual items on the fly.

Convertible Subscriptions

Increase subscription numbers by letting customers subscribe to one product, and then automatically switch to a different product after the first month.

Customizable design and language

Every aspect of Recurring Orders, from the design of the checkout to the text on the product page can be fully customized to match your brand.

Discount codes

Create subscription-specific coupon codes to entice new subscribers, or bulk import coupon codes from another platform.

Automatically updated shipping rates

Shipping rates will automatically update on customer's subscriptions as they swap, add or remove products.

Seamless shopping

Customers can checkout with one-time purchases and subscriptions at the same time.

Sell prepaid subscriptions

Generate guaranteed revenue by incentivizing customers to prepay for their subscriptions.

Compatible with other Bold apps

Works with other popular Bold apps including: Product Upsell, Product Options, Customer Pricing and much more.

Same day billing

Choose whether to bill all your customers on the same day, or on the anniversary of the day they signed up.

Inventory forecasting

Easily forecast how much inventory you will require to fulfill future subscription orders.

Email notifications

Keep your customers up-to-date with automatic email updates about changes to their subscription.

Tax and shipping integration

Set shipping and tax rates for your subscription orders, or sync your settings from Shopify.

Cancellation Prevention

Use conditional logic to make a custom cancellation flow that will retain subscribers.

Product swapping

Allow your customers to swap out products on existing subscriptions.

Payment gateways

Supports more payment gateways than any other subscription app on Shopify.

Powerful customer portal

Give your customers full control of their subscription, with a fully-customizable portal.

Flexible Subscription Billing

Charge weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly (or any other interval imaginable).

Product or cart subscriptions

Let customers subscribe to one product, an entire cart, or a mixed cart of recurring and one-time products.

Buy Button

Similar to the Shopify Buy Button, you can create a button which links customers directly to the checkout with a subscription in cart. This button can be placed anywhere from blog posts to email campaigns.

Customize Recurring Orders with the help of a certified expert

With the help of our industry leading partners of certified experts, anything is possible when taking your subscription business to the next level.

Integrated with the apps and services you love

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Google Analytics

Track all of your web traffic related to subscriptions in Google Analytics, including cart and checkout abandonments.

Facebook Pixel

Track subscription conversions from your Facebook posts and ads.

Referral Candy

Reward your customers for referring their friends and family to become subscribers themselves.


A third-party payments processor built around a simple idea: make it easy for companies to do business online.


An all-in-one solution to accept and process payments online.


They simplify the payments process and give you tools to help your business grow.