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The Boldie Awards: Recognizing outstanding Builders

The Boldie Awards: Recognizing outstanding Builders

Another quarter, another three outstanding Builders recognized for all that they do for Bold. Four times a year, Builders nominate their co-workers for the Boldie Awards, sharing meaningful recognition of those who live by our BUILDERS Code and make Bold a better place for everyone.

We award Boldies to remind our team the importance of not only feeling appreciated, but sharing appreciation. We want to build each other up so we can all feel valued and succeed together.

We were fortunate this quarter to be able to present these awards live to the three winners at our annual Builders Summit in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. This event is a time to rally around our vision and goals for the year ahead while celebrating our amazing team.

Keep reading to find out who the winners are and some of the reasons why they were selected!

Say hello to our Q4 Boldie Winners!

Bruno Roux
Software Developer
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Everywhere you look, Bruno is pushing to get things done. He always steps up to take on tasks and projects to make our team successful on top of his responsibilities as a team lead. I can always rely on him.”

“Bruno is a great leader and a great mentor. He takes the time to make sure everyone on the team is progressing professionally and always recognizes your work, unblocks any blockers, and explains things in detail. To Bruno, thank you for providing all the learning opportunities and I feel so lucky to be a part of your team.”

Jenna Trudel
Senior Payroll and Accounting Specialist
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Jenna is one of the most dedicated Builders I have had the pleasure to work with. She cares deeply about doing a great job. Her integrity and calming presence are inspiring. She is not only kind and compassionate with everyone who reaches out to her, she is consistently patient. I strive to be more like Jenna and working with her has made me a better employee and a better person.”

“Jenna is such an amazing person to work with, and full stop, she gets shit done. She never complains, and is always a pleasure to work together on finding a solution.”

Mackenzie Sutherland
Business Analyst
Calgary, AB, Canada

“Mack is an absolute beauty. Anytime I run into a particularly challenging obstacle, he is always at forefront, leading the charge towards a solution. He`s an inspiration for me personally and I know I`m not the only person who looks up to him.”

“Mack is an amazing person to work with. He juggles so many projects and always manages to stay on top of all of them. He`s been a great asset to the custom projects team. He has such a positive attitude when he comes to work and it shows in how it rubs off on others. He`s a rockstar!”

Are you curious about the history behind our coveted Boldie Awards? Check out this blog where Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Jay Myers, shares the details you want to know.