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Builder Stories: Chimnonso, Technical Account Specialist

Builder Stories: Chimnonso, Technical Account Specialist

Meet Chimnonso: a dynamic Technical Account Specialist by day, and dedicated student by night, working towards her MBA in Information Technology. From growing up in Nigeria, to surviving the cold winters of Winnipeg, she doesn’t shy away from trying something new — not even moving halfway around the world by herself.

Keep reading to find out what a day-in-the-life looks like on our Merchant Success Team and how Chimnonso has made Bold her home away from home.

What was your journey like to get to Bold?

I grew up in Nigeria and when I was 16, came to Winnipeg for school. I applied to various universities across Canada; and the University of Winnipeg happened to be the one that answered first, sealing my fate of becoming a Winnipegger.

This was a major milestone for me; it was my first time outside of West Africa, on a plane, and away from my family. I’m very grateful to have landed in Winnipeg because the city is very diverse. I have had the opportunity to learn different perspectives from people with very different backgrounds.

I remember arriving in September when it was still warm, and then the winter came with snow and very cold days; I remember seeing -51 ℃ on the weather forecast and the line 'Winnipeg is currently colder than Mars.' I was very confused about why my face hurt so much from the cold!

Growing up, I found computer science exciting as a hobby. I remember asking my brother, who was very interested in tech, to teach me how to hack because I thought it was cool at the time. However, when it came to choosing what to study, my mind wasn’t on tech at all. I decided to study chemical engineering instead because I loved to build things and it felt like a better fit. In my third year of university, I was supposed to go to the U.S. to complete the second portion of my program, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, but the dual degree program unfortunately got cancelled. It was because of this that I tried something outside of my comfort zone; I took a computer science course, which I loved, and haven’t looked back since.

What attracted you to Bold?

I had a friend who worked at Bold and she had nothing but good things to say about the company. She would share what they did as a business, the Innovate or Die Days, and what the culture was all about. I would also see the big Bold office sign as I drove around in Winnipeg and videos on social media; it seemed like a really cool place to work. I never saw myself working here because at the time, I was focused on chemistry, but then someone on the People Operations Team reached out to me about a job opportunity. At that point I was interviewing for a chemical engineering job, but the idea of working at Bold and getting into tech attracted me more.

How long have you been with Bold and what do you do?

I’ve been at Bold for almost a year and a half, working as a Technical Account Specialist (TAS) on our Merchant Success Team. Within the TAS team, we are the first point of contact for supporting our enterprise merchants such as Staples, Harry Rosen, and many more. We help troubleshoot what the cause of an issue might be and then loop in developer support needed to fix the issue as quickly as we can.

Our Merchant Success Team as a whole is responsible for technical support for our merchants; from installing our apps to ensuring updates go smoothly. The team’s main priority is to deliver world-class service to the thousands of brands that use our technology to power their stores every day.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m an early bird by nature and usually start my work day around seven in the morning. The first thing I do is take a look at the Zendesk queue and requests that we have for support. I send off as many responses as I can, but for any complicated tickets requiring more troubleshooting I start investigating, looking at previous comments from the developers, and reaching out to account managers.

The next part of my day involves our daily stand-up where everyone on our team gets together to share what we were working on. We’re all dealing with different merchants and everyone owns what they’re doing, so these meetings are important to make sure that the entire team is in the loop on important information.

My afternoons have a lot of meetings with merchants, account managers, and sometimes product managers. Unless there is an incident - that’s when things can get busy. An incident is when an issue needs immediate attention from a merchant. It can be something as big as the customer's checkout being down or as small as discount codes failing during a product launch. The main difference between an incident and regular work is the turnaround time for a resolution. If an incident happens, we’re on calls with the merchant right away, as well as the incident manager, and anyone at Bold that would support resolving the issue at hand.

What’s something that helps you grow in your position?

I love that Bold is dedicated to helping people learn. The Learn Forever attribute from our BUILDERS Code is something that Bold believes in wholeheartedly. As a Builder, something I really appreciate is having an Education Fund. We also have innovation time where we can spend 10% of our time developing ourselves or a project we’re passionate about. Having time to develop myself is something that I really value about working at Bold.

My team has helped me grow in so many ways; I love to ask questions, work with different people, and find learning opportunities where I can. For example, I recently attended a Toastmasters meeting; I wanted to improve my speaking skills and it’s a great place to do exactly that.

Having time to develop myself is something that I really value about working at Bold.

What do you love most about working at Bold?

The biggest thing for me, is I can still have a work-life balance. I’m currently doing an MBA in Information Technology and while it’s only part time, it’s nice that when I’ve finished work, I still have time to work on papers or study. My manager is really supportive and encouraging, especially with being flexible if I need to take time off.

I also love the culture; it’s not easy to keep people engaged when working remotely and since day one, even though I’ve never spent a day in the office, I have felt like part of the team. It’s great how connected we are, even though we aren’t physically with each other.

Lastly, what’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

At one of my previous jobs, I was having imposter syndrome. I was given a role with limited experience compared to my co-workers in similar roles who had years of experience. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my lead’s expectations, even though she was telling me I was. I was tempted to leave the job because I was so frustrated. I spoke to a mentor, and she told me, 'If you want to leave, go ahead, but don’t miss a perfectly good preparation season or learning opportunity. Define what success means to you, and find someone who will mentor you in that area. Have your own definition of success because that’s what will drive you.'

Rapid fire time!

What’s your favorite Slack channel at Bold?

For sure #bold-pets; I love animals, especially dogs. We always had dogs growing up and at one point, we had nine dogs. I’m looking forward to getting my own someday.

What is the Boldest thing you’ve ever done?

Coming to Winnipeg; a place where I didn’t know anyone and had to integrate into a new society. I had never been away from my family before. It opened my eyes to new cultures and how people think differently. It forced me out of my comfort zone and I became a better person because of this.

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Dog person for sure!