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Builders making Bold a better place

Builders making Bold a better place

Creating a great place to work starts with the people, and if we might say so ourselves, we have some of the best around. Every quarter, we put the call out to our team to nominate their co-workers for a Boldie Award; an award recognizing exceptional Builders and all they do to make Bold a better place for everyone.

These awards were started back in 2015 to celebrate Builders who truly embody our BUILDERS Code, even before it was formalized. If you’re curious about the full history behind these coveted awards, head to this blog where Jay Myers, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, shares those details.

Keep reading to find out who the winners are this quarter and some of the reasons why they were nominated!

Say hello to our Q1 Boldie Winners!

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Our product marketing powerhouse! The super supportive Anatolii is at the forefront of all GTM initiatives. He produces tons of content every month to support the team and drive results! He is one of the most knowledgeable people in our company that shares such a passion for checkout! If there was an amazing race! I’d pick him.”

“Anatolii is a true innovator - he is always looking for ways to improve our products and position in the market. I feel like I learn something from him every time we meet. He is also a great collaborator and teammate! I am so glad to be on Anatolii’s team.”

Intermediate Software Developer
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Kendel is one of the best co-workers to bounce ideas off of, and work through a problem together. He comes prepared, and asks great questions to ensure the best solution for Bold is implemented. He is always so positive and does a fantastic job of explaining concepts and processes for the non-devs in meetings, which makes him very approachable!”

“To sum it up: Kendel shows up! And not only does he show up, but he shows up prepared to help tackle the challenges of the day. He approaches this with calmness, clear headedness. and humility. Not only is he prepared to solve problems, but he tirelessly elevates those around him by teaching, coaching, and sharing his knowledge. I am grateful that Kendel is on our side and I will follow him to battle any day.”

Senior Product Manager
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Michelle is the walking embodiment of going above and beyond. She is always willing to share her time generously to help brainstorm ideas and talk through problems. She has also shown her product management skills are second to none by quickly switching over to the subs team and hitting the ground running - no small feat!”

“Aside from all of that (and more importantly), Michelle is a great person. You always know you’ll get an honest, thoughtful answer from Michelle. She is an amazing person to get to work with and learn from.“

“Since the first day I started at Bold, Michelle has made me feel welcome and part of the team! She embodies the Bold spirit and seriously gets shit done. It was an immense pleasure being able to have her on the Checkout Core Team as our product manager! Your passion for what you do shows in your work and interactions with everyone!”

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