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And the Boldie Award goes to...

And the Boldie Award goes to...

Feeling appreciated and sharing appreciation are two very different things, but at Bold, they go hand-in-hand. Every quarter, three Boldie Awards are given out to Builders who live and breathe the BUILDERS Code, and make Bold a better place for everyone.

But where did these awards come from, and what do they truly mean? To find out, I sat down with one of Bold's Founders (and the Boldie deliverer himself) Jay Myers. Keep reading to learn more and see who this quarter's well-deserved winners are!

What exactly are the Boldie Awards?

Boldies are awarded to those who embody what it means to be a Builder and live by our BUILDERS Code. The award isn’t just reserved for people who are helpful, great co-workers, or top achievers — it is awarded for so much more; Boldies balance all of the traits that we value most. They recognize people who are innovative, who learn and grow, and take the time to respect others.

Another reason why the Boldie Awards are so special is because they are peer-voted. This allows Builders to celebrate and show appreciation for fellow Builders across every department. To put this in perspective, when you’re voted as MVP by the people on your team, it means that much more than if you were awarded an honor by just the coach. It sounds silly, but I’ve had people cry when they receive the award because of what it represents, and the fact that it came from their co-workers.

Beyond honoring three outstanding Builders, these awards give the entire company the opportunity to share meaningful recognition of others. It’s one thing to feel appreciated, but it’s another to be able to share your appreciation for the very people who are the reason you love your job.

Now that we know what they are, where did the Boldie Awards come from?

It all started in 2015, before we even had a BUILDERS Code. Since the earliest days of the company, Bold has held quarterly sales meetings, otherwise known as QSMs.

Back then, the award itself — a small statue of our internal mascot, Boldie — was hand-molded and painted by one of our creative team members. Yes, you read that right, these were hand-made statues that took probably 3-4 hours each to make.

Over the years, the awards continued and in the fall of 2016, we put pen to paper on the values we had already been using to guide us, and officially launched our BUILDERS Code. These values and principles came from our team just as much as they did from the four founders, and became a way to keep us all aligned, while helping us find and hire the best people as we grew.

The original Boldie Award winners truly embodied the BUILDERS Code even before it was created. Anyone who wins a Boldie today continues to honor that legacy, keeping the values alive and in focus. Like I said earlier, these awards aren’t just about the highest achievers; they celebrate people who help make the company a better place for those around them.

Today, what do these awards mean and why is recognition so important at Bold?

In life, people go where they are appreciated; when you feel valued, that’s where you want to be. If you aren’t respected and supported, it’s human nature to find a place where you feel those things both personally and professionally. At Bold, we want people to feel and know they are valued, and work here because they want to be here. Every one of our Builders are doing amazing things and it’s important they know that.

We continue these awards every quarter to remind Builders the importance of not only being appreciated, but sharing appreciation. Every person who nominates someone for a Boldie has to include their reasons why, and trust me, these reasons will often bring the person to tears because of how well thought out the nominations are. We want to build each other up so we can all succeed, feel valued, and get shit done.

And the Boldie Award goes to…

Say hello to our Q3 Boldie Winners!

Sarah Bredin
Product Marketing Strategist
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Sarah is the type of person you always want on your team. She is dedicated, focused and always the first person to offer assistance. Sarah is always working towards the end goal and driven to help the team succeed. She is the first to say yes, and the first to champion our team and our efforts. Sarah helps the team to stay on track, celebrate our wins and helps identify any adjustments that need to be made to increase our success rate.”

“When you think of a positive person, Sarah comes to mind. She is all-in for the team, she is committed, organized and a fabulous colleague and collaborator. I am proud to be a team member and whole-heartedly believe Sarah deserves to be recognized as an outstanding and amazing team member, here at Bold.”

Marcy Dubois
Culture and Wellness Specialist
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Marcy has been a rock for us all here at Bold. She shows up each day and shares her energy to keep us going. She has put lots of thought and effort into different ways to both keep us sane and keep a sense of community alive while working remotely. Her hard work is definitely appreciated and I think that she definitely deserves a Boldie!”

“She goes above and beyond all of the BUILDERS Code attributes. She is a genuinely kind soul and is always available to listen, chat, send a funny gif, or just check in to make sure you are doing okay. She always shows up, ready to rock and makes people feel comfortable. I know when I am having a rough day, a smile or a joke from Marcy lights up my day and makes me feel grounded again.”

Polly Ouellette
Technical Writer
Austin, TX, USA

“Polly has been an outstanding member of the team since the day she joined Bold. Not only has she had a big impact on the culture and connecting the teams, but she has also made an impact in the quality and consistency of our documentation right from the start. For a long time she was a team of one and didn’t let that slow down her pursuit of improving our developer experience.”

“Polly embodies the characteristics that define what a Boldie is — she belongs to the team, understands the need, and gets shit done! She is someone that participates in coffee chats, culture events, and wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer her time for anything that is asked of her. Polly is a fantastic addition to the Bold team and is worthy of a Boldie.”

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