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Save time

Spend less time having to manage your returns process through emails or a ticket system; let the app keep track of your outstanding requests for you.

Give your customers control

Customers can submit their return requests through an easy-to-use portal that allows them to track the status of their return.

Create shipping labels

Returns Manager will automatically generate and send (via email) UPS shipping labels that customers can print for free at home.

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Enhance the customer experience with features they’ll love.

Put the control back into your customers’ hands by giving them visibility of the entire returns process. An easy-to-use portal empowers customers by allowing them to submit and manage their returns themselves, making the process as simple as possible.

The Returns Manager widget can be embedded on any page of your store, and you can include any special instructions that your customers need to be aware of.

Not only can they check the status of their return through the widget, but they can add custom notes to the return, view any notes the store has included, return multiple items, and receive email notifications regarding the return(s) status.

Automate the returns process and save valuable time.

Bold Returns Manager has powerful built-in features that will save you hours of time by automating every step of the returns process.

When a customer submits an item for return, the app will automatically send your customers an email every step of the way: when the returns process is initiated, when you receive the item, and when the refund is issued or a new item is sent.

Customers will automatically receive a UPS shipping label when they submit their return. Once the order is received, the app will automatically adjust inventory levels, saving you from having to manually add them back into your inventory.

Robust customer portal

Allow customers to submit return requests, track the status of those returns, and print shipping labels all from an integrated portal on your store.

Manage all of your returns in one place

You can set custom return rules and deadlines, see analytics on return requests, and approve/reject requests all in one place.

Custom return rules

Set rules for each of your products that determines the length of time each can be returned.

Create and send shipping labels

Allow customers to automatically generate return shipping labels with UPS. Once a shipping label is created, all the customer has to do is print it out and attach it to their shipment.

Multiple return types

The app lets you offer your customers the option of a store credit, a refund, or exchange when submitting a return.

Automatic customer emails

Send your customers an email every step of the way: when the returns process is initiated, when you receive the item, when the refund is issued, or a new item is sent.

Assign restocking fees

Assign restocking fees to your products, deducting the amount from the refund total or amount credited.

Display customers' return status

Customize your return flow so customers know exactly how their return is progressing through your system.

Return analytics

View the status of your returns at a glance, seeing how many products are approved for return and a breakdown of the types of returns that are being submitted.


The app looks great on mobile, letting your customers easily check their return status from their phones.

Flexible and customizable

You can change language settings, return groups, make custom statuses, and style almost any aspect of the customer returns widget.

Automatically adjust inventory levels (Shopify)

Automatically adjust inventory levels when products are returned without navigating back to your Shopify admin and manually adding the item back into your inventory.

Return widget

The return widget lets your customers check their return status at any time, and can be embedded on any page with a simple piece of code.

Manual return requests

The app will allow you to manually override any of your return rules, creating a return request in your admin.

Back-end customizations

Configure custom statuses that are unique to your store to help you keep track of your return requests. E.g. Item returned damaged, waiting on packaging, etc.

PCI & GDPR compliant

Data security is a top priority for Bold and our merchants. We are heavily invested in ensuring we are PCI, DSS and GDPR compliant to protect you and your customers’ personal data at all times.

Industry-leading support

We have the experience and manpower to provide emergency support from a team of over 80 eCommerce specialists.



  • Robust customer portal
  • Custom return rules
  • Create and send shipping labels
  • Multiple return types
  • Automatic customer emails
  • Assign restocking files
  • Display customers’ returns status
  • Return analytics
  • mobile-friendly
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Automatically adjust inventory levels (Shopify)
  • Return widget
  • Manual return requests
  • Back-end customizations

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Frequently asked questions


Customers can submit return requests, track the status of those returns, and print UPS shipping labels all from an integrated portal on your Shopify store.

On the back-end, you can set custom return rules and deadlines, see analytics on return requests, and approve/reject requests with ease.


Yes. Just use the "public note" button on an active return to attach the file.


We've built in some user-friendly tools to edit basic aspects of the widget such as backgrounds, borders, fonts, etc., but you can also inject any custom CSS you want to give it a look all of your own.


No. Any customer can manage a return, even if they checked out as a guest.


Yes. We offer a 14-day free trial for Bold Returns Manager, and you can uninstall anytime during the trial at no charge.


Bold Returns Manager currently works out-of-the-box on Shopify, and can be integrated with any platform through our API. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Our Merchant Success team is available to answer any questions you might have, or to walk you through the steps needed to get the app up and running on your store.


Simply click here to start the installation process, and follow the install instructions provided. Contact our Merchant Success team for more information, or if you need help throughout the process.

Simplify the returns process for both you and your customers.

Bold Returns Manager saves you hours of time by managing your store’s returns while acting as a marketing tool to increase sales. Click on the 'install' button below to get started.

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