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Tommy Walker - Giving your content an edge with storytelling and why the best copy wins

November 3th, 2020 57:09 mins.
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Tommy Walker never really wanted to be a writer, but when his family was on the verge of homelessness he used the storytelling tricks he learned from years in acting and film to become a content marketing guru. In this episode, he shares those strategies with us — but chances are you’ve gotten advice from him before.

As editor-in-chief at Shopify Plus, CXL, and Quickbooks, he led the creation of top-performing content that helped position those brands as leaders in their respective industries. Plus, he’s contributed to other online publications like Unbounce, Smashing Magazine, Crazyegg, and more. So if you work in ecommerce, you’ve probably read something Tommy helped produce.

He recently founded WalkerBots Content Studios, a marketing consultancy that helps growth-stage B2B startups and enterprises use content to help customers realize that purchasing their products is "the next logical step."

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Only invest in content with measurable outcomes
  • How to truly put yourself in your customers’ shoes and understand what they want
  • Bobbing and weaving: how to use startup agility to compete with the big guys
  • The importance of building out a weekly content calendar
  • How to use storytelling intrigue to break the mold
  • How Tommy used his acting background to break into ecommerce marketing
  • Writing: Practice makes perfect

Our guest

Tommy Walker photo

Tommy Walker, Founder, WalkerBots Content Studios

Full transcript

Jay Myers: Tommy Walker thank you for being so gracious with your time and coming on. And are you ready to help everyone listening Own Your Commerce?

Tommy Walker: I am not just ready I am stoked. Thank you so much for having me.