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Jason Greenwood: 'Stealth commerce' and the future of purchase automation.

June 29th, 2022 57:59 mins.
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We are excited to welcome Jason Greenwood, Founder of Greenwood Consulting, to this episode of the Own Your Commerce podcast. Greenwood brings 20+ years of experience helping brands across ANZ and beyond expertly architect compelling digital shopping & brand engagement experiences. GWC was founded to offer B2B and B2C brands the same quality of ecommerce consulting services often only available to 'sexy retail brands'.

Some topics we discuss:

  • Defining “stealth commerce” and what it means for the future of ecommerce.
  • The secret to creating compelling digital shopping & brand experiences.
  • Which brands a composable or headless commerce solution is right for.
  • AI-commerce and the future of purchase automation.
  • Unpacking the complexities of B2B commerce compared to the B2C space.

Our guest

Jason Greenwood photo

Jason Greenwood, Founder & Lead Consultant, Greenwood Consultant

Jason Greenwood is the Founder & Lead Consultant at Greenwood Consulting and has spent 20+ years helping brands creating compelling digital shopping experiences. A passionate ecommerce writer, mentor, content creator, and keynote speaker, Greenwood is the host of the At the Coalface Podcast and the author of the At the Coalface Digest. He does all this from a tiny off-the-grid sustainable home in Auckland New Zealand where he lives with his wife.

Full transcript

Interviewer: Hey, everyone. Welcome to what is bound to be another great episode. I’m sitting here with Jason Greenwood. He’s the founder of Greenwood consulting, and he brings over 20 years’ experience to helping brands in Australia and New Zealand and all over the world, architect, compelling digital shopping experiences. So he founded Greenwood consulting to offer B2B and B2C brands, eCommerce consulting services that compare with what the sort of attention, what he would call sexy retail brands get from agencies and other consultants.

He’s the host of At the Coalface podcast, which you should definitely check out. Also the author of “At the Coalface Digest”, which I have the URL up right now. It’s digest.coalface.social, but I’ll also have that in the show notes. He’s a speaker, he’s a mentor, he’s a content producer and he got married last year and he lives in a small, tiny, I shouldn’t say small, I’m assuming small off grid, tiny house. So how are you even doing this, Jason?

Jason: Oh, thanks, it’s awesome to be here with you. I live in an off grid, tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand. You’re right. And basically we run on solar with generator backup for our power. We have lithium batteries for our power supply. We run a composting toilet. We compost our kitchen waste. We basically dispose to land all of our gray water. We try to be as eco-friendly as we can, but one of the other main motivations for us getting into a tiny house was mortgages and house prices being what they are in Auckland. We were never going to be able to afford that, I guess, a regular home, but we wanted to have our own place. And this was a great way for us to do it, relatively cost effectively. And we don’t have any kids and we don’t plan to have any kids. And so for us, the tiny lifestyle’s just absolutely perfect. So we focus on activities and we focus on doing things as opposed to having things. That’s kind of our lifestyle.