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Colin Bodell: An ecommerce veteran on the unprecedented acceleration of ecommerce under Covid-19

December 8th, 2020 36:10 mins.
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Colin Bodell worked for Amazon, Groupon, and American Eagle — to name a few — before joining Shopify Plus last year as VP of Engineering. Today he gives us his valuable insights on Covid-19’s accelerating effect on ecommerce and his prescient first experience with Shopify. He’ll also share how merchants can use data to renew old school personal relationships with customers.

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Colin’s experiences working with Amazon, Shopify, and more
  • Anticipating future needs of your customers
  • The growth of direct-to-consumer commerce
  • The role of personalization and recommendations
  • The importance of democratizing data and commerce
  • Colin’s first experience with the agility of Shopify
  • How Covid has accelerated ecommerce and how to embrace change

Our guest

Colin Bodell photo

Colin Bodell, VP Engineering, Shopify Plus

Full transcript

Jay: Colin, thank you so much for joining us on the show. I know you’re very busy and it really means a lot. I know our listeners are going to get a ton out of this. So why don’t we start with - you have a very rich history in ecommerce, when I read your bio you were at Amazon for seven years, American Eagle, Groupon, and now Shopify Plus, can you give us a quick background on your story and how you ended up at Shopify Plus?