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Claudiu Cioba: Shoppable video and the future of interactive commerce

Aug 25th, 2022 49:57 mins.
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Did you know that 82% of Internet’s traffic comes from video? For CEO & Founder of VideoWise, Claudiu Cioba, stats like this represent a tremendous opportunity for ecommerce brands. Dive into a fascinating discussion about interactive video content and how it has already begun to revolutionize ecommerce. Cioba founded a dedicated shoppable-video solution for ecommerce in 2021 and has already seen significant results for brands embracing this next-gen approach.

Some topics we discuss:

  • The significance of video content to shoppers and brands today.
  • How Cioba came up with the idea for VideoWise and launched in 2021.
  • Success stories from brands using video and interactive commerce.
  • Data and key findings from the world of video commerce.
  • Is shoppable video the right solution for you ecommerce store or enterprise brand?

Our guest

Claudiu Cioba photo

Claudiu Cioba, CEO & Founder, VideoWise

Claudiu Cioba has been a product designer for the past 15 years building successful digital products for multiple startups and top brands (Uber, PayJunction). Cioba is highly data driven and focused on turning complex problems into simple, easy to use consumer experiences. Due to the rise of video creation & consumption he launched VideoWise in April 2021 with the goal of creating a dedicated video solution for the ecommerce industry.