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Ben Jabbawy - Privy CEO on missed opportunities in email marketing

October 26th, 2020 44:08" mins.
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Even though many stores count on their email list to drive sales and traffic, they probably put more time and money into social media ads than actively collecting email addresses. But if somebody visits their site and doesn’t buy anything or leave their email, they potentially wasted the money they spent getting them there in the first place.

Today, Privy co-founder and CEO Ben Jabbawy tells us about how he helps brands actively grow and leverage their list with simple but creative tactics for email gathering. Today, over 500,000 stores use Privy’s pop-ups and other software to gather emails and build money-making relationships with their audience. No matter how big you are, you could always do more to get emails from more people who visit your store. Give it a listen to learn how!

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • The importance of growing your email list
  • Using tool with the same level as sophistication Facebook or Google uses for ad retargeting to collect emails or prevent cart abandonment
  • What's the difference between checkout abandonment and cart abandonment and why does it matter?
  • Better ways to collect emails than the standard "here's 10% off" offer.
  • There's so much more you can do with the emails you collect! Running ads against them on Facebook being a big one.
  • Creative ways to connect with and convert your audience with emails and popups.

Our guest

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Ben Jabbawy, Founder and CEO of Privy, Privy

Full transcript

Jay: Today on the show I have Ben Jabaway, he’s the founder and CEO of Privy and I’d be a bit surprised if you’ve never heard of Privy, why? Well, because they have over 500,000 merchants that’s why. Yes, you heard me right, that’s half a million merchants using Privy. They also monitor how much revenue they help generate.

I heard that recently they’re close to helping stores they may have even passed this, generate over three billion dollars in extra revenue that can be directly attributed to Privy campaigns and that blows my mind. Ben, welcome to the show and that’s really one of the core missions of your company isn’t it, to drive extra revenue for merchants?