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Aaron Orendorff - Getting things that matter RIGHT

October 08th, 2020 55:08 mins.
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Aaron Orendorff is the former Editor in Chief at Shopify Plus and one of the very best at understanding how to leverage content to grow an ecommerce brand. I learnt a ton during this conversation!

Aaron gives us tactical advice for the holidays, specifically around Amazon Prime Day. If you don't think Prime day affects you, you're wrong. Listen to the episode and you'll learn why. That's just the first 2 minutes though. Aaron does a brain dump on tactical things you can do RIGHT now to improve your online store. From SEO quick wins, to how you should use content, and NOT use content, and so much more. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Amazon has announced October 13th is Prime Day. Aaron covers exactly what you need to do to be ready!
  • Not all emails are equal! Depending when you capture them makes a BIG difference.
  • Are you using quizzes in your store? You probably should be!
  • The three key reasons you need to invest in content as an ecommerce brand.
  • NEVER KILL YOUR SUPPORT ARTICLES. There's a good chance they're the highest ranking pages for search. There's a better way to handle outdated articles.

Our guest

Aaron Orendorff photo

Aaron Orendorff, Partner & VP of Marketing, Common Thread Collective

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Intro: Perhaps the most memorable encounter I’ve had with anyone every single time I dug into it, what I’ve found is it’s not the highest domain authority that wins. It’s not the most links. It’s not the oldest or the most prestigious. It’s whoever has the least amount of long-form quality content that isn’t confusing Google. They win in the end. Welcome to the own, your commerce podcast. We’re leading experts, friends and innovators from deals, strategies for e-commerce growth. I’m your host, Jay Myers. And this show is brought to you by bold commerce.