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Going Bold with MACH architecture

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Modernizing with MACH provides a clear path forward, helping enterprise brands take advantage of the most innovative, flexible, best in breed technologies to prepare them for what’s next in retail.

Bold Checkout Experience Suite is a powerful, high converting checkout experience that enables brands to adapt, innovate, and scale well into the future. As a API-driven, headless and modular suite, it aligns the MACH approach - releasing brands from rigid, locked in legacy platform checkout limitations to increase conversion and bring commerce to new channels.

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The company we keep:

Bold joins the MACH Alliance

In yet another step towards our commitment to building high-converting, customized checkout experiences that enable brands to effectively adapt, innovate, and scale well into the future, we are thrilled to share that Bold has joined the MACH Alliance.

The MACH Alliance is a non-profit organization of technology companies and agencies dedicated to advocating for an open, best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. The Alliance’s mission is to future proof enterprise technology and propel current and future digital experiences with open and connected enterprise tech.

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MACH architecture:

Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, and Headless, champions an enterprise technology ecosystem that can adapt, evolve and enable brands for future success. Key principles:


Individual pieces of business functionality that are independently developed, deployed, and managed.


All functionality is exposed through APIs

Cloud-native SaaS

Leverages the cloud, beyond storage and hosting, including elastic scaling and automatically updating.


Front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic and channel, programming language, and is framework agnostic.

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Going full MACH

The advantages of moving to MACH in overcoming the challenges that retailers face are adding up. Individually, each MACH component has become an important software development trend. When combined, they provide a dynamic system that delivers speed, flexibility, and customization that outpaces legacy systems.

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Why enterprise ecommerce needs to adopt MACH

Another aspect of the MACH architecture is the use of headless technology to provide more freedom for developers through headless commerce. By decoupling the backend logic from the frontend user experience, new user interfaces can be created to enhance the customer experience while shopping.

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Bold joins CommerceTomorrow's podcast

Bold Commerce founders Yvan Boisjoli and Jay Myers speak to the future of commerce platforms. Bold Commerce is augmenting traditional commerce platforms by offering solutions for checkout, subscriptions, and more. In this episode, we go deep on the future of commerce platforms, Bold Commerce's part of that future, the differences between U.S. and Canadian business climates, and more.

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