5 Ways to make the most of BFCM

Grow your wholesale business with the power of custom payment terms

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Requires Bold Cashier.

Flexible payment terms

Control how much credit you extend to each one of your wholesale customers, from net 15 to net 60 and beyond.

Seamless checkout

Automatically display wholesale customers’ personalized payment terms in your checkout – no separate platform required.

Wholesale orders 24/7

Empower your wholesale customers to place online orders anytime, checking out with their own customized payment terms.

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As a small team, being able to automate our processes using Bold’s Net Terms app has been a huge win for our business! We were incredibly lucky to be a part of Bold’s beta and are super thankful we were able to work closely with the team at Bold and have our needs met as a merchant. A big thanks to everyone on the team, in order to grow our wholesale channel, Bold’s Net Terms app has proven to be a necessary business tool.

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Bold Custom Pricing

Wholesale pricing and payment

Manage both your retail and B2B sales on the same online store so you don’t have to increase your workload to increase your revenue.

  • Offer percentages off, dollar amounts off, or fixed pricing to the customers of your choosing.
  • Set up tiered pricing for retail customers, while offering higher bulk discounts to wholesale clients.
  • Create discounts for your whole store, a collection, certain products, or even single variants.

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Bold Memberships

Wholesale content

Personalize your site to wholesale members, so when they log in to your store it automatically displays the content you gave them access to.

  • Show different pages, collections, or products to your wholesale customers after they log in.
  • Make different page templates only available to wholesale customers, giving them access to premium content.

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Bold Multi-Currency

Sell internationally

Unlock the potential of international sales by offering terms accounts in your customers' local currencies with the power of Bold Multi-Currency.

Pricing designed to scale with your business


$39.99 /mth

plus applicable transaction fees

Requires Bold Cashier.