Sell and bill in any currency

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Localized shopping

Display your prices in over 150 currencies so your store feels local in almost any country.

Currency padding

Use rate-padding to add a percentage or dollar amount to exchange rates, ensuring you don’t lose money on any transaction.

Fully customizable

Tailor the app to meet your needs and blend in seamlessly with your branding.

Make your store more powerful with these integrations

Install Multi-Currency with

Bold Cashier

Billing in 150+ currencies

Give customers around the world the power to shop, check out, and process payments in their own currency with no additional credit card conversion fees. This gives international customers a seamless shopping experience, and can decrease cart abandonment.

  • Make shoppers comfortable by displaying their own currency.
  • Bill customers the price they expect: no hidden conversion fees.
  • Display prices consistently from the product page to checkout to billing in every currency.
  • Automatically translate your checkout into over 55 languages.

This integration only adds +0.5% transaction fee on processed sales and no hidden monthly charges, plus you get all of Cashier’s other functionality.

Pricing designed to scale with your business



The app is free to use on any platform and includes all theme updates and currencies at no extra cost.