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Add a full-featured membership program to your online store

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flexible billing

Flexible billing

Charge your customers for monthly, weekly, quarterly, or yearly memberships with built-in recurring billing.

unlimited memberships

Unlimited memberships tiers

Create unlimited membership tiers, giving members different levels of access to special pricing, exclusive products, and content.

show and hide functionality

Show/hide functionality

Show or hide any pricing or content, like pages or collections, based on membership status.

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I needed a membership website that restricted pages and I am loving the app, very good value and easy to setup and use.

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Install Memberships with

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Club-style memberships

Offer exclusive sales and discounts to VIP members for a recurring weekly, monthly, or yearly fee.

  • Build customer loyalty and a sense of exclusivity.
  • Increase average order value with special discounts for members to motivate more spending.
  • Only show specific products to customers who have achieved certain spending amounts.

Install Memberships with

Bold Loyalty Points

Charge for loyalty tiers

Sell an annual membership to higher-tiered members of your loyalty program that grants them exclusive perks. For example, charge $59 a year to be a VIP member and earn double the points.

  • Use flexible rewards to motivate more spending.
  • Create multiple tiers.
  • Activate a built-in referral program.

Pricing designed to scale with your business


$9.99 - $299.99 /mth

Pricing is based on the number of members your membership program currently has.