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Pricing depends on your needs

Store Management

Starting at $600/month

Store Management services are designed for helping you with the day-to-day operation of your store as well as to provide expert consulting and on-demand tech support for Shopify. We can help with running orders, creating sales, creating products and collections, and much more! Our Store Management service is like having an eCommerce expert & an assistant by your side to help you with running your store.

Priority Development

Starting at $1,200/month (8 hours)

Our Priority Development and Design service includes all of the benefits of store management plus a fast turn around on design and development work on your website. This includes things like minor tweaks, design changes, app and service installation, and adding new features to your site. Priority Development and Design is perfect for store owners who are constantly wanting to make changes and improve their website as well as store owners who want some guidance on what to build next.

Social Media Services

Starting at $1,500 per social platform

(ad budget extra)

The goal of our Managed Social Media services is to engage with your current audience, and to get your brand/product in front of new, untapped audiences. We do this by creating a concise strategy for your social profiles and creating the right content to present to your targets. We also fully manage all types of paid social advertising, creating campaigns that will drive conversions and sales.

SEO Services

Starting at $4,800

Our Managed SEO services are designed around improving the positioning of your website in search engines using money-making keywords related to your industry. With research and discovery of keywords, content creation, and backlink generating strategies, we create a SEO plan specific to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Starting at $4,800

Our Conversion Rate Optimization service is all about doing more with the traffic you already have. Conversion rate optimization starts with an in-depth analysis of your website. This includes using tools like analytics, heat-mapping, and user surveys to gather qualitative data. After analysis is complete, we begin proactively testing and then implementing strategies on your website that, based on our gathered data, we believe will increase conversions and sales.

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