Managed Services FAQs - Who can benefit from Bold's Managed Services? How does it work? What you can expect when working with the Bold Managed Services team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you can expect when working with the Bold Managed Services team.

Who can benefit from Bold’s Managed Services?

Store owners looking for Shopify experts to provide them with everything they need to run the back end of their store so they can focus on sales and growing their business. We also work closely with in-house web teams to create a better user experience by optimizing your current site and creating new, custom features.

Clients who see the most success have, on average, 40K visitors and up a month, and anywhere from $40K and up per month in revenue.

How does it work?

Every month our team will dedicate a set number of hours towards growing your business. Our awesome in-house web designers, and developers will work with you to map out your goals by analyzing your site, defining trackable metrics and developing, testing, and implementing solutions based on your needs.

Next, a dedicated Account Manager will provide you with comprehensive reports and testing, defining your website’s unique objectives and needs before designing a plan of action. Basically, we’ll review your site, identify areas of weakness, come up with a plan and test it, and help you implement new strategies that will successfully get you sales.

What kind of services do you offer?

Our store management services include a dedicated account manager who knows your business to help you with tasks that may include running orders, creating products and collections, creating sales; really anything you need help with to manage your store's day-to-day operations.

Our in-house web designers and developers can provide design and development services ranging from minor page tweaks to major design changes, app installation and customization, back-end development, and custom integrations.

Can you handle enterprise sized projects?

Companies such as Zippo, the LA Lakers, Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft, and Time Life have trusted Bold to create unique solutions to help improve their online presence. If you’re looking for an extensive team with enough experience to handle your enterprise needs, Bold has you covered.

What does it cost?

Our plans start at $2999 a month for 20 hours of work with a rate of $150/hr after that. Plans are based on a 1 year term, with a check-in after 6 months of service where you’ll have the option to review your contract. We understand this can be a big commitment, so we offer you the option to cancel after your first month of service if you decide it’s not for you… but we think it will be :-) Plans can be upgraded at anytime. All prices are charged in USD.

What happens if I don’t use all my hours?

Each month your store will receive a predetermined amount of hours for our experts to work on projects, ensuring the best use of their time. Our account managers work with you to map out the work that will be completed, but in the rare case that hours are not used, they will not be rolled over or credited back.

What will my hours go towards?

The retainer your store has selected will be credited towards project planning, discovery, meetings, creating solutions, development, testing and reporting. It’s not limited to one store either. Ex. If you’re running two stores, your hours can be split between both sites. Your hours will never go towards fixing bugs or errors in any of the work we present.

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