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Subscription customer lifetime value calculator

Is your subscription business on the right track?

Find out by calculating your customer lifetime value (LTV or CLTV). The results can help you determine what you can improve to increase profitability. Use the calculator below to discover your LTV.

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You’re on the right track.
A healthy LTV:CAC ratio is at least 3:1, meaning your LTV is

The most successful subscription businesses know it’s critical to continually optimize this ratio for long-term profitability. We’ve crafted a useful ebook packed with ideas to boost LTV and ultimately, to boost your bottom line.

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Not quite there yet.
A healthy LTV:CAC ratio is at least 3:1, meaning your LTV is

Your current ratio falls below this number, which means there’s some room for improvement. The good news? We’ve built an in-depth resource to help you do just that. Learn about the four levers you can optimize to improve your LTV ratio and ultimately, improve your profitability.

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