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offer custom rewards

Offer custom rewards

Offer your affiliates cash commissions or store credit in return for successful referrals. Customize the commission rate, the tracking period, and more.

leverage our network

Leverage our network

Get featured on the Kickbooster Marketplace and expand your reach to our network of affiliates, influencers, and media partners.

automate your program

Automate your program

Easily set up a referral program with automatic referral tracking and validation, commission payouts, and affiliate support.

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Works like an absolute charm! My store was an early user of Kickbooster for Shopify and they completely fulfilled their promises. My referral program has now been used by major media outlets, influencers, and customers alike, and we've turned a really nice ROI on this app.

Pricing designed to scale with your business


$29.00 /mth

+ 3% transaction fee for sales made through Kickbooster *
  • Kickbooster marketplace
  • Store credit rewards
  • Cash commissions
  • Prevent self-referrals
  • Referral review period
  • Automatic affiliate payouts
  • Custom tracking codes
  • Affiliate sign-up page
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Live chat support
  • Adjustable cookie duration
  • Post-purchase pop-up
  • Affiliate network

*The transaction fee is primarily used to cover payment processing fees.

**The pricing above includes the cost of using Kickbooster, but does not include the cost of commissions paid out to your affiliates for referrals that lead to sales.