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The only referral program that can take you from pre-launch, to crowdfunding, to your eCommerce store.

Multi-platform support

Whether you’re crowdfunding your product on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, or selling online via Shopify, Kickbooster can help, and work with you every step of the way.

Full automation

Let Kickbooster handle the tracking, referral validation, and commission payouts while you focus on other aspects of your business.


Publish your referral offer to Kickbooster’s Marketplace, making it visible to our large network of Affiliates.

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Gain access to the Kickbooster community through our Marketplace.

Need some help building a network of influencers and publishers? Simply add your referral program to the Kickbooster Marketplace and it's instantly available to thousands of Affiliate Marketers looking for new products to promote.

The more people who help share the word, the better the chances are of your crowdfunding campaign or store going viral. Our community of over 30,000 crowdfunding experts, agencies, Affiliates, blog writers, and professional marketers can help you get there.

On average, merchants using Kickbooster get between 3,000 and 4,000 visitors through Kickbooster links.

Easily manage your social media influencer program.

Avoid the headache of managing your influencers and their referrals through spreadsheets and shared documents. Kickbooster provides your influencers with a transparent, easy-to-manage tracking system & dashboard that puts you both at ease, allowing you time to focus on the relationship rather than the logistics.

Through Kickbooster, you can design an easy opt-in page where your influencers can register and generate a unique tracking link to use in their promotions. Both you and your influencer will have your very own Kickbooster dashboard to track the referrals and monitor your stats and commission information.

All you have to do is connect with Kickbooster, set your reward, and invite people to participate - we'll take care of the rest!

Sign-up page

Design a Booster (Affiliate) sign-up page that allows media outlets, bloggers, and even your customers to register so they can promote your campaign or store.

Pre-launch page

Design a pre-launch page to create excitement and collect email subscribers, building an engaged audience before your product even launches.


Add your referral program to our Marketplace, promoting it to our network of crowdfunding experts, publishers, bloggers, and professional marketers.

Affiliate marketing

Become a Booster to get immediate access to hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns and eCommerce stores. Choose the ones you want to promote, then blog, post, & tweet about them and get paid for your efforts.

Referral program

Kickbooster's referral tool allows you to offer a reward to people for helping you get the word out about your campaign. Kickbooster automatically creates your Booster links, tracks your Affiliates, clicks & dollars raised, and takes care of payouts for you.

Referral review period

Kickbooster allows you to set a review period before commissions can be generated for each sale. Throughout the review period, Kickbooster checks for refunded or cancelled sales to ensure commission is only generated on successfully-paid referrals.

Post-purchase pop-up

Turn customers into Boosters by automatically inviting them to participate in your campaign after they’ve made a purchase on your store. The Kickbooster post-purchase pop-up will do the work for you.

Easily manage campaigns

Keep track of your clicks, referrals, and commissions-owing with our easy-to-use dashboard. Keep your finger on the pulse of your Booster’s efforts from one central location.

Live chat

Talk to a real person in real-time using our live chat, which is also available to help support your Boosters.

Increase cookie duration

Increasing the cookie duration on your referral program will improve the conversions rates for your supporters, and keep them motivated to continue talking about your products.

Multi-platform support

Kickbooster allows you to run referral programs on multiple platforms, making it the number one choice for people looking for maximum flexibility and easy implementation.


Kickbooster syncs with Kickstarter in order to validate that tracked pledges were successfully collected before issuing your invoice, so you know you are only paying commissions on valid sales.

Indiegogo InDemand

If you've moved from Kickstarter or Indiegogo to Indiegogo InDemand, you can also transition your Kickbooster referral program so that Boosters can keep spreading the word about your campaign.

Custom branding

You can design the look and feel of your pre-launch or referral program to match your branding by choosing one of our beautiful themes to fit your needs.

PCI & GDPR compliant

Data security is a top priority for Kickbooster and our customers. We are heavily invested in ensuring we are PCI, DSS and GDPR compliant to protect you and your customers’ personal data at all times.

* Premium features

Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Kickbooster syncs with Kickstarter and Indiegogo in order to validate that tracked pledges were successfully collected before issuing your invoice, so you know you’re only paying commissions on valid sales.


Kickbooster tracks referred sales to your store and continues to check for refunds and cancellations, so you know you’re only paying commissions on valid sales.

Google Analytics (crowdfunding only)

Kickbooster connects to your Google Analytics account in order to track clicks, pledges, cancellations, and adjustments.



+ 3% fee on any sales made through Kickbooster
  • Sign-up page
  • Pre-launch page
  • Marketplace
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Referral program
  • Referral review period
  • Post-purchase pop-up
  • Easily managed campaigns
  • Live chat
  • Increased cookie duration
  • Multi-platform support
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Frequently asked questions


Kickbooster currently integrates with Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Indiegogo InDemand, Shopify, and Google Analytics.


You can take as much time as you need to configure your program before going live, but in order to launch your referral program, you will need to activate your subscription.


Kickbooster currently works with Shopify, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. Don’t see your platform listed? Contact us today to discuss your needs.


There is no upfront cost to sign up or install Kickbooster. You can take as much time as you need to get your program set up. Once you’re ready, you will need to activate your monthly subscription.


Yes. You can design the look and feel of your pre-launch or referral program to match your brand. Choose from one of our beautiful themes to fit your needs; whether you want the messaging to be short and sweet, or if you need more space to showcase your product.


You can add your campaign to our Marketplace, promoting it to our network of Affiliates which include crowdfunding experts, publishers, bloggers, and professional marketers who can register to boost your campaign.


Simply click here to start the installation process, and follow the install instructions provided. Contact our us for more information, or if you need help throughout the process.

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