Subscriptions LTV: 4 Keys to Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Modular commerce

Reimagine commerce with an API-based strategy

Gain the flexibility, speed and agility to innovate quickly with modular commerce - and meet shoppers where they are.

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The potential of modular commerce

Seperate front end presentation from back end business processes and use APIs to deliver commerce-enabled experiences to any channel.

Custom experiences
  • Deliver commerce enabled experiences where and when your customers want them.
  • Evolve customer experiences on the fly and create new ones without affecting back end business logic.
Speed to market
  • Implement new UX changes to add new functionality fast.
  • Save time and development resources without the need to edit both front and back end layers.
Enhance performance
  • Scale dynamically without impacting customer experience.
  • Add more bandwith to carts and payment systems only when and where you need it.
Bold modular commerce

Deliver commerce everywhere

Leverage Bold APIs and modular engines for checkout, subscriptions, pricing, recommendations and more and deliver commerce-enabled experiences to any touchpoint.

  • Add an instant buy button to your social feed
  • Close the mobile converion gap with a custom checkout flow
  • Enable chat commerce for your subscription customers
  • Instore ordering on a mobile device with seamless pricing and promotions
  • Sell from facebook ads with special pricing by source
  • Embed commerce to a content site or blog
  • Make videos shoppable
  • And more commerce-enabled experiences

Are you prepared for the way customers want to shop?

Learn how Bold can help you innovate with modular commerce.

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