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Enabling flexible payment solutions on Magento 1 with Bold Checkout

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The company

Laundry Owners Warehouse delivers customers what they want when they want it with the highest level of pride and years of coin laundry ownership experience. Committed to “Laundroteurs”, the distributor is a one stop shop with over 74,000 replacement parts, a full line of soap and supplies, and a wide variety of used commercial laundry equipment. Laundry Owners Warehouse also sells new commercial laundry equipment and has been a proud member of the Dexter Laundry family since 1894.

The challenge

Laundry Owners Warehouse found themselves limited by Magento 1’s payment gateway options. The company wanted to offer an Apple Pay as well as PayPal’s Buy Now Pay Later option to give their customers ultimate payment flexibility.

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The solution

Laundry Owners Warehouse overcame their platform’s payment limitations by integrating Bold Checkout that has enabled the use of PayPal Complete Payments (PPCP). PPCP allows their customers to choose how and when they pay with the ability to split their purchases into interest-free bi-weekly or monthly payments.

Now their valued “Laundroteurs” also enjoy enhanced security features, and the flexibility of choosing their preferred payment options. With the help of our team of skilled integration experts, Laundry Owners Warehouse was able to keep their Magento 1 platform and avoid a costly and time-intensive re-platform.

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