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Offer member, VIP, and wholesale pricing on your retail store

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auto tag customers

Auto-tag customers

Assign customers to new pricing tiers when they meet specified milestones.

offer wholesale pricing

Wholesale pricing

Offer wholesale and tiered pricing to select customers on your retail store.

create tiered pricing

Tiered pricing

Create bulk discounts on selected products for any type of customer, so the more they buy the more they save.

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This is a great app, that is easy to use, and adds important functionality required to build and operate larger retail and wholesale stores.

Some ways you can use Custom Pricing to achieve your goals

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Bold Memberships

Club-style memberships

Offer exclusive sales and discounts to VIP members for a recurring weekly, monthly, or yearly fee.

  • Build customer loyalty and sense of exclusivity.
  • Increase average order value with special discounts for members to motivate more spending.
  • Only show specific products, collections, or content to customers who have achieved certain spending amounts.

Pricing designed to scale with your business


$39.99 /mth

  • Wholesale & tiered pricing
  • Built-in marketing
  • Detailed pricing grid
  • Default discounts
  • Sell memberships
  • Selective pricing
  • Product exclusives
  • Create high-converting sales
  • Pricing for exempt customers
  • Remove duplicate variants
  • Display pricing tiers
  • Customer registration
  • Discounting variants

$59.99 /mth

  • Auto-tagging customers based on how much they spend
  • Auto-tagging customers based on which products they buy
  • Automated email marketing
  • Detailed pricing grids
  • Bulk importing