Our COVID-19 response

Now is the time for the ecommerce community to come together and help each other. Here’s how we’re ensuring our merchants, team, and partners are taken care of.

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We’re in this together

We’ve developed a plan of action to ensure our team is safe and our merchants are taken care of.

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The safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority. We have moved to remote work, suspended all company related travel, and are following all public health guidelines.

Bold merchants

We are committed to supporting our merchants and partners at all times.

Our Merchant Success team is available for regular business hours and we have business continuity plans in place.

Ecommerce will play an important role during this unprecedented time, with millions of people in quarantine or isolation ordering supplies they need. We’re here to help your business rise to new challenges and provide customers with uninterrupted service during this uncertain time.

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Our network is your network

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A complete list of partner promotions to keep you running - no matter what you need.

We’re lucky to have a growing network of partners who are incredible at what they do. We’ve asked our tech developer and agency friends what they’re offering to merchants during these trying times - and they were more than happy to help.

Company name Offer How merchants can access offer

Free 45 day access to leading audience segmentation platform SocialRank. Engage with your online community, identify micro-influencers, engage with your competitors' top fans and/or find your brand or industry's superfans.



Free educational resources, advisery and strategy calls

Reach out to [email protected]

Taproom Agency

Free help getting set up on Shopify

Reach out to [email protected]

Tako Agency

15% off

Send #spreadjoy to [email protected]

Westmount Solutions

25% off projects or customizations

Reach out to [email protected]

Arctic Leaf

5% off new projects plus quick to market COVID packages for BigCommerce and Shopify merchants. They range form $10k to $15k for a custom design home page and site set up.

Reach out to [email protected]

R & Co Developers

1 hr free of strategy or consultation support, 25% off projects

Email [email protected] and use code WEARESTRONG


Free plan that will include

  1. Gift card discounts (for example selling $100 gift card for $80 so that they can push their gift cards).
  2. A gift card directory. We are creating a directory of store's gift cards and we will prompt it for them to get them more volume.
  3. and our manually issue option to send out store credit

25% off all services and products

Use code SPREADJOY at checkout

Out of the Sandbox

30% off Flex and Turbo themes

Use code SPREADJOY at checkout


Free audit on UX and social media ads

Email [email protected] with the subject line “UX & Paid Ads Teardown”


Free business consulting calls

If you're interested in business concerns, digital strategies, or possible solutions: https://lnkd.in/gawYzWk

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to have a chat with Futureproof's founder: https://lnkd.in/g2egVc3

If you're interested in or have an eCommerce concern, please schedule a call with Futureproof's eCommerce expert: https://lnkd.in/gQQK7i9

If you need any design assistance, please schedule a call with Futurepoof's #beautification expert Nicole: https://lnkd.in/gnph5ik


Free store/analytics audit

Email [email protected]

Nama Studio

Free basic store setup for organisations belonging to the third sector

Free donation-at-the-checkout setup for merchants

Free audits and discounted rates for setups for regular merchants

Contact form on site


Free Shopify setup and guidance



1 month free for any chosen plan

Use code: TOBI-AWESOME-DUDE @ https://apps.shopify.com/nextsale

Whitecap SEO

Free Small Business SEO Package (normally $1,500)



Extended free trial for 2-months for our app Variant Swatch King on all new installations


For 'ANY' query, merchants can shoot us a mail at [email protected]

Take Some Risk

30% off our monthly strategy fee for anyone who said they came from Bold

Limited to the first 5 ecom stores who sign a 6 month contract with us. After 6 months it goes month to month.

Email [email protected]


Extended 30 days trial and 20% off on Business Starter Plan

Use the coupon "STAYBOLD at the pricing page

Spocket Academy

All of the courses on Spocket academy for free


The Artful Designer

Offering 25% discount on design, coding, app setup, and full dropshipping store setup from start to finish. Also offering payment plans of up to eight weeks



Extended 60 day free trial



6 months free BUCKS: Currency Converter with all premium features


Nineteen Eighty Nine

Free services to any Canadian retailers who need help with a new or existing store.



Flexible payment terms for new clients

  1. Triaging customer service situations in real-time directly on the website.
  2. Guiding our clients on what their customers are chatting about, so they can better set expectations on their entire website and in the rest of their marketing and communications.

Contact form on site


Discounted rates through end of year and shorter term contracts of 3 months versus 12 as well as flexible payment plans for site build services.

Contact form on site

Tamed Savage Digital

Free no obligation digital journey reviews

Email [email protected]


Promoting merchants on social, newsletter and blog



Extended 14 day free trial and 24/7 support and onboarding regardless of plan

Install as normal, the deal is automatically applied

Intuitive Shipping

Starter plan for $14.99 for 100 orders

Email [email protected] with subject line "Starter Plan Help"

Message Mate

Free setup, onboarding, text enablement of their number, integrations (Slack, email, cellphone forwarding), plus 25% off all plans

Text 650-825-1166


20% discount and dedicated expert that will analyze your store and create a perfect mobile-first setup


60 day free trial to any plan


Blackbelt Commerce

20% discount off standard rates

Click link on the home page to fill out a form


60 day free trial

Email [email protected]

Pixel Union

30% off Superstore theme


Hey Carson

We've opened up our 150+ Shopify app discounts that are used to incentivize store owners to upgrade to our small task service plans. We estimate the combined value of the offers to be 5-10k.

  1. Login or sign up here: https://dashboard.heycarson.com/register
  2. Navigate to the left sidebar where it says ''Member Perks''. This section is usually locked until a merchant subscribes, but it's now unlocked for everyone.
  3. Follow instructions for any of the offers by clicking on the app logo from the list.

Free month & 10% discount on our products above the standard tier combined with any module



45 day extended free trial



6 months free of Quickview app


Brand Active

3 months of free services for NGOs, medical assistance institutions and other organizations which fight with COVID-19

Brand Active


3 months free



Free Shopify store setup



Free service for SME's, 60 days free for large businesses

Email [email protected]


Free plan for merchants sending uner 15,000 emails/month and 50% off two months for our Standard Plan, if used before June 30th code: INTHISTOGETHER50X2

https://www.omnisend.com/pricing/ and use the code INTHISTOGETHER50X2 at checkout


Free data connector for automated near-real-time data order feeds to help anyone needing to switch from FBA to FBM (Amazon)



3 months free, and a free trial of Springbot.com for email marketing


Buy 12 months get 3 free

Email [email protected]

Alpha Hosting

12 months free hosting, up to $50/month

Use coupon code HOPE


50% off our monthly subscription fee and offering 100% free small parcel consulting services

Email [email protected]

Firebear Studio

20% off all products and services for Magento 2, up to 50% off for essential businesses as medical supplies, food delivery services, etc. and free licenses for charity and volunteer companies and organizations

20% off applied automatically, please request information about 50% off


Free eCommerce strategy session and accompanying 3 year digital roadmap

Email [email protected]


Free 30 minute consultation/workshop, and helping them get online with a free BigCommerce store (not a custom build for free, although this can be done at heavily discounted prices)



Free 3D scan and marketing video for anyone in fashion retail

Email [email protected]


Free UX/UI development for e-commerce platforms


90 day free trial



10 Free AutoFiles to customers that sign-up for our TaxJar Plus service

Email [email protected]

Sticky Digital

50% off of all audits and 25% off of all service lines, including: CRO, Amazon and Marketplace Management, Email Marketing and SMS Marketing.

Email [email protected]


50% off all new accounts and extend your trial indefinitely (up until 5,000 views)

Go to https://newclick.io and start your free trial

BOA Ideas

Free 30 minute website consultation with an expert full stack and Shopify developer

Email [email protected]


Free Basic Shopify store setup and an in-depth review of their store (if they have one already)

Submit details on this form here


20% discount on basic store setup

Email [email protected] to request offer


60 day free trial and free consultation on driving repeat sales from your store email notifications

Email [email protected]


Additional 25% off a first purchase



Free, no obligation, phone consultation and a 25% discount on standard project rates


Lucent Innovation

Free help in setting up store and free consulting or development support to shopify merchant 4 days a week for 2 hours a day

Email [email protected]


Waiving subscription fee's for all new merchants to Easyship Plus for 3 months w/ code mnmkh


Plobal Apps

30-day extended free trial period, 15% off on Premium & Enterprise monthly plans and 25% off on the Premium & Enterprise annual plans.

Write to us at [email protected] to extend your free trial, and use discount codes BOLD15 for monthly plans and BOLD25 for annual plans


10% off all sustainable, custom ecommerce packaging

Use discount code SUPPORTSMALLBIZ


100% discount on auto scaling fees and free months for new customers



90 day free trial



Complimentary ecommerce consultations

[email protected]


Shopify setup packages are heavily discounted as a response to COVID


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Resources to help businesses

With social distancing in full swing, local restaurants and shops everywhere are doing what they can to stay open and continue to operate.

https://Buylocal.ly - is a free directory of local restaurants, shops and services with pick up and delivery options during COVID-19.

After hearing directly from local businesses on their struggles, we’ve compiled a set of resources to help merchants get set up with what they need to adapt to new buying behavior.

Learn more: https://buylocal.ly/resources

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Inspiring Stories

Serving others and pulling together. A few noteworthy ways businesses are rising up and doing good during these uncertain times.

Staples #stayingconnected

Staples Canada

Staples Canada pivoted their business model to support Canadians as they transitioned to work from home and learn from home.

The Staples Canada Digital team rose to the challenge and showed what being a customer centric business is all about.

Sock Fancy mask


Sock Fancy has converted some of their production capabilities from manufacturing socks to manufacturing high-quality cloth masks - and is donating 1 mask for every mask sold!

Lazy Dog helping frontline workers

Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog have set up Lunch and Dinner options to help support workers fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Check in with us on social media to keep up with the latest stories.