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How V-dog turned over half of their customers into loyal subscribers.

Bold apps provided the functionality they needed to elevate their business.

Company name
  • V-dog
  • Pets
  • Vegan pet food

The company

V-dog understands that people committed to vegetarian and vegan diets are committed to using animal-free products — especially those who have animals of their own.

But for people with pets, sticking to buying habits that leave a smaller environmental footprint can be a challenge. Finding plant-based alternatives for humans is hard enough, let alone dogs.

V-dog was founded to help those people eliminate animal consumption while still providing nutritious food for their pets.

Being an ecommerce-based company since their inception in 2005, V-dog knew the importance of adapting to serve changing customer behavior, proving that an old dog can learn new tricks.

The challenge

V-dog had established a successful ecommerce store, but by 2014 they were looking for ways to up the ante and provide customers with an even better experience.

In particular, they wanted to fulfill a popular customer request to provide their kibble on a subscription basis. This would automate delivery so customers could get a steady supply of vegan food for their dogs and also provide the company with dependable recurring revenue.

The V-dog team wanted a subscription service that would be easy for their customers to manage on their own, including adjusting delivery intervals and editing orders without having to contact customer service.

They also knew that subscriptions weren't the only thing their customers would appreciate. They wanted to show customers vegan treats their pets would love just as much as the brand’s kibble. Less than 10% of orders going through their store had included those supplementary products, so they needed to give their customers more opportunities to discover them.

The solution

In their search for solutions, V-dog finally sniffed out Bold Subscriptions. They installed the app themselves and eventually got in touch with Bold support, who helped them use the app to optimize their subscription’s performance.

They wanted to make subscribing easy, and Bold Subscriptions provided that with a built-in interface that presented every shopper the option to make a one-time purchase or become a subscriber. V-dog knew this would help customers find the service they had been asking for.

And while subscriptions would help them sell more kibble, V-dog also wanted to highlight vegan treats their customers’ pets would love.

They discovered Bold Upsell and used it to trigger offers for treats when customers added kibble to their cart, or to offer a bigger bag of kibble for more value. These offers could be additions to both one-time orders or an extra product in their first subscription delivery. This helped shoppers discover new products while also helping V-dog increase average order size.

The results

After installing Bold Subscriptions, V-dog saw results almost immediately, with most of their visitors opting into a subscription. Today, the majority of their business comes from subscribers. That means they’re continually providing their customers with a great service while also generating dependable recurring revenue.

Right off the, basically as soon as we added Bold subscriptions in, the majority of our customers signed up.

Lindsay Rubin, Vice President

They used Bold Subscriptions’ subscriber portal to give customers the convenience of editing their own orders, which helped reduce churn since customers could skip an order they didn’t need instead of completely unsubscribing. According to V-dog’s Vice President, Lindsay Rubin, giving customers the control to manage their orders was “a huge turning point” for them. It reduced the time V-dog spent on customer inquiries and gave them time to focus on other areas of the business.

We've been working with Bold for 6 years and their Subscriptions App has been by far the most successful app in our Shopify store. Bold's customer support is stellar and it's fun to work with the team members of such an innovative, friendly company.

Lindsay Rubin, Vice President

V-dog could also use the analytics built into Subscriptions to see how their service was performing and forecast future earnings and inventory needs.

Meanwhile, V-dog used Bold Upsell to help their customers discover — and buy — their vegan dog treats. This not only helped their customers find more plant-based products for their pets, it also brought a 3.5% increase in revenue. Over 10% of their upsell offers were accepted by customers, bringing V-dog a 40x return on investment out of Bold Upsell.

It was so easy to set up and customize Bold Upsell to our branding, easy to check in on the analytics and get the email of top revenue numbers coming to our inbox.

Lindsay Rubin, Vice President

As more people adopt vegan diets, V-dog hopes to provide them with meat-free options for their pets. They’ll continue to work with Bold to build loyal, long-term relationships with their customers — and their furry friends.

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