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From healthy choices to healthier margins

How Bold helped Pasante turn healthy choices into healthier margins.

Company name
  • Pasante
  • Health Products
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The company

For over 20 years Pasante Health Ltd. has inspired people to make better, healthier choices. Today, the UK-based company has two online stores: Sebamed, for medicinal skin-care, and Pasante, for sexual health products and resources. Over the last few years, the team has scaled both companies into strong, independent brands within the growing ecommerce health and wellness vertical.

The challenge

When Louise Ball joined Pasante in 2016 as their Marketing Director, she was tasked with improving their online presence. At the time, both brands, Sebemed and Pasante, were sold on the same website. With a lackluster digital and social media presence, she saw an opportunity to increase online sales of Sebamed’s well-known skin care products. The first step was to relocate Sebamed, which was sold on the Pasante store, to a new platform with its own distinct brand.

They launched a new store for Sebamed on the Woocommerce platform and saw some immediate results. However, Woocommerce came with certain limitations. They eventually migrated the site to Shopify for a more flexible and user-friendly experience, and set out with an ambitious trajectory to grow Sebamed in the UK market beneath the Pastante parent brand. However, moving to Shopify came with challenges of its own.

If Ball wanted to run a sale, she had to change the price of each product manually. This was a tedious process, and also made for many weekends and early mornings at the office. There were also functionality gaps, such as the inability to run multiple promotions at the same time, apply double discounts, and have a discounted item’s price change right in the cart. It was only a matter of time before her team would discover Bold apps and access the functionality they needed to begin optimizing their average order value (AOV) and conversion rate on the new Sebamed store.

The Solution

In April 2018, they launched a new site for Sebamed using Bold Discounts and Bold Upsell. The solution also leaned on Bold Brain for AI-powered smart recommendations and analytics reporting. Bold Discounts was a “life changer” because it gave them the ability to schedule promotions far in advance and it made it easier to put entire collections on sale. With Discounts they were able to start promotions exactly when they wanted and have them shut off the second they were scheduled to stop — automatically with no pricing errors. This was a massive resource-saving app for them, as it gave their team the freedom to focus on other things. It also eliminated the costly potential for human-error.

The ability to run multiple sales at the same time was another game changer. With Bold Discounts they could have as many promotions as they wanted running simultaneously, while always ensuring the customer was offered the right price. Discounts also let them show the sale price in the cart, instead of making customers wait until checkout. The real time price changes reduced confusion and lowered the risk of cart abandonment. With the discovery of Bold Upsell the Sebamed team realized they could now start offering cross-sells for items where they were overstocked. This strategy allowed them to increase average order value while clearing out extra inventory.

From her experience working with Sebamed, Ball knew that free samples were a key part of selling skin care products. For this reason, she loved the “Duplicate and Hide” feature in Bold Discounts. It allowed them to duplicate a product and set the duplicated version to either free or a discounted price. When used with Bold Upsell they could offer “free sample” or “try half off” offers when popular products were added to their cart. All the while the same product would still be listed at its regular price across the site. This technique became a great way to promote new products or hand out inexpensive samples, just like the experience a customer would get if they were shopping at a brick-and-mortar boutique or beauty shop.

Bold’s AI-powered recommendation engine, Brain helped the company make key decisions on the kinds of promotions to run. Not only would Brain provide valuable data about the kinds of items that sold well together — based on real analysis of their store — but it would sync with other Bold apps to make smart recommendations on which items to discount, upsell, and cross-sell. Bold Brain truly helped Sebamed tap into their full potential using the latest in AI technology.

The result

After launching the new Sebamed site, optimized with Bold apps, Ball noticed an immediate improvement in volume and sales.

Bold apps have enabled us to give out 18,500 free samples and has helped us increase sales by 143% since our launch on Shopify 2 years ago.

Louise Ball, Marketing Director, Pasante

Bold’s apps have also made their lives easier in terms of day-to-day responsibilities. Where they used to spend hours manually calculating pricing, setting up and taking down sales, and crossing their fingers that promotions would go live when they wanted with the correct pricing, now they use Bold apps to easily plan, schedule, and deploy all their promotions with just a few clicks.

With Sebamed experiencing such great success, Ball decided to try similar strategies on the Pasante website. She found that tactics like “free sample with purchase” that had worked well for Sebamed translated well to marketing sexual health products. A recent Pasante promotion that featured a tongue-and-cheek 69% discount as well as other simultaneous discounts leaned on Bold Discounts to ensure competing prices didn’t interfere with each other and that promotions started at the time they were scheduled. It was one of their most successful promotions to date, and would have required a lot of manual effort if not for the convenience of Bold apps.

Bold helps you think outside the box a little more. Now we are able to start thinking about new things we didn't even know were possible.

Chloe Francis-smith, Junior Marketing Executive, Pasante

Overall, the experience of working with Bold has been very positive for Pasante and Sebamed. They have found the apps to be very user friendly, easy to use, and issue-free. They have also found the Bold Merchant Success team to be responsive, polite, and helpful. As their business continues to grow, the Pasante/Sebamed team plans to work with Bold to integrate some of Sebemed’s most successful promotional strategies into Pasante’s online store.

The website started as a place where we would ‘clear products’ we couldn’t sell anywhere else, it’s now the place we launch new products as well. It’s become such a vital outlet for us as a business.

Louise Ball, Marketing Director, Pasante
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