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How Nutri-Rich is disrupting the traditional vitamin and supplement industry.

Discover how Nutri-Rich is disrupting the traditional vitamin and supplement industry.

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The company

Nutri-Rich is disrupting the traditional vitamin and supplement industry by combining ancient ingredients and herbs with a forward-thinking view on health to tackle modern day ailments.

They provide quality multivitamins and solutions for a variety of health issues, such as stress, anxiety, immunity and trouble sleeping that affect younger generations. Their formulations are effective and simple, with the sourced ingredients being traceable from seed to bottle.

The goal

With a focus on younger generations, Nutri-Rich needed a well-designed, effective solution that catered to their target audience. Lisa Wang, Nutri-Rich Brand Manager, wanted to showcase and deliver their products while educating their audience on their solutions.

They hired Pointer, an experienced Shopify design agency who leveraged Bold’s apps to deliver the website they wanted, and would be proud to offer their customers.

Subscribe and save

When Wang first wanted to improve the Nutri-Rich site, she was motivated to begin offering subscriptions as a value-added option for returning and regular customers. Dietary supplements and vitamins are products that people use on a daily basis, so regular order replenishment was vital.

Though they contemplated offering a subscription service a couple years ago, they couldn’t find a solution they felt comfortable offering their clients. They didn’t want to launch their subscription program unless they could offer an easy, seamless and flexible experience.

Since then, they found Bold Subscriptions, and the constant improvements and updates to the app made them feel more comfortable in making the leap. Their priorities in offering a subscription solution were straightforward - customer ease of use, general simplicity, and account management from a customer’s perspective.

Bold Subscriptions checked all these boxes, acting as a tool kit for their customers to be fully in control of their subscriptions from email reminders to pausing orders.

Nutri-Rich realizes that modern family life can be a time management struggle, and strives to make life easier for their customers by providing a set-it and forget-it style of fulfillment service. They rely on Bold Subscriptions to do just that, and have seen a lot of regular customers transition to subscriptions. Plus, they’re able to offer their customers a discount for signing up for the program, “...so really, it’s a win-win.” says Wang.

Leaders in design

As Brand Manager, Wang had a vision for Nutri-Rich and she wanted the site to reflect that. Because they’re shaking up the vitamin and supplement industry she wanted a fun, delightful, and easy to use website in contrast to more traditional offerings. The creative brief boiled down into a simple phase: “Minimalist and elegant with a smidge of hipster thrown in.”

She also wanted their complex ingredient information to be presented clearly and on brand. After looking through a list of potential agencies to work with, they felt Pointer offered the complete package for the high level design and functionality they were looking for.

The design Pointer created aligned perfectly with the vision Wang had in mind. But aside from the beautiful design, putting together a site is no easy feat. Wang credits Pointer’s organization and clear communication to achieving their website launch. They always felt like they knew what was going on and “everything was very much clear about timeline, whether or not we’d be able to hit them, and what factors impacted that.”

Nutri-Rich products are available both online and in over 30 brick-and-mortar stores across the west coast, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the next year they’re focusing on conversion rate optimization, subscription customers and brand recognition.

They’re also releasing a new product sub-series in the near future and are excited to see how their new website showcases their products, educates their customers, and provides a new way to offer products and expand their growth.

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