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How Nomz turned a healthy, home-cooked creation into a sweet success story.

All it took was a Bold solution to achieve some tasty results.

Company name
  • Nomz
  • Food
  • Energy Bars

The company

Nomz founder, Jana Zaibak, loves a tasty treat — but the story of how she turned a healthy home-cooked creation into a thriving business is even sweeter.

Zaibak started the business in 2013. With an appetite for healthy living and a desire to find a replacement for unhealthy snacks, she got busy in the kitchen experimenting with simple, natural ingredients that would still satisfy her sweet tooth — nuts, dates, cocoa, and coconut oil. She knew she had found success when she created a bite that was as delicious as eating a Ferrero Rocher (which is comparable in size) but filled with better-for-you ingredients.

She came up with the name Nomz (a play on nom-nom-nom, web slang for yummy eats) and launched her product. After building a loyal following organically, the company teamed up with a Canadian grocery store distributor, and pursued U.S. distribution shortly after. With sleek, attractive packaging and a strong emphasis on their certifications — vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, keto and paleo friendly, non-GMO — Nomz began to gobble up the competition in the healthy snack section.

The challenge

By 2016 their wholesale business was humming along. It was time to take Nomz to the next level: selling directly to consumers. Health foods, wholesome snacks, and wellness products were exploding online. The Internet had made it easier than ever for health gurus and startups to sell their products to the world.

Using an ecommerce platform, they were able to get up and running quickly, but the platform was missing some of the functionality they needed. There were new challenges arising as they tried to sell their product to customers in the U.S. and other foreign markets, such as the need for a multi-currency option. They also wanted a smoother one-page checkout process — just like their energy bites, they wanted their online purchasing experience to be simple and satisfying.

They were also interested in trying out a subscription model. This would help ensure their “just in time” policy, which helped ensure raw ingredients were as fresh as possible, could be sustained by more consistent revenue. Picking up subscribers made it easier to forecast and purchase ingredients needed to make the best-tasting product.

Meeting this complex combination of needs felt like a tall order, until Nomz came across Bold Commerce. Finally, they had a one stop shop with not just the apps they needed, but apps that worked well together to create a smooth experience for their customers, and for the Nomz team.

The solution

When it came to creating a better global checkout experience, Bold Checkout was able to offer a simple, one-page interface that made the purchasing experience easy for customers, including checking out in their own currency with Bold Multi-Currency. Nomz was also able to use Bold Subscriptions to offer their product as a recurring order, helping them to gain an additional stream of recurring revenue at a higher profitability than their wholesale agreements.

The interplay between Bold Checkout, Multi-Currency and Subscriptions helped elevate the direct-to-consumer side of their business, while providing some administrative benefits too, like simple, easy-to-use interfaces anyone on their team could step in and learn on the fly, and dedicated customer service and support to get everything working how they wanted.

They appreciated Bold’s openness to feedback and collaborative approach.

The results

With the added functionality of Bold’s solutions, Nomz was able to nail down their currency issues, bring in recurring revenue, and grow their business into a North American success story. Nomz is finding more fans across Canada and the U.S. by the day (while also reaching new global audiences).

Despite this rapid growth, the Nomz team has managed to keep things efficient in terms of their operations, including the size of their team. They credit Bold’s ecosystem of apps as automating processes that may have otherwise required an in-house developer or dedicated ecommerce manager to focus on, allowing them to stay lean as they seek even more avenues for growth.

What does the future hold for Nomz? CEO Jana Zaibak promises exciting new developments are on the way in the near future, but she’s also taking a long view. The ultimate aim for Nomz is to be sustainable and built to last, inspiring the next generation of healthy snackers (including her own family) to carry forward her mission that snacking and health don’t need to be opposing forces.

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