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How GORP increased the size of almost every order and got subscription customers with 5x LTV.

Looking for the perfect eCommerce recipe? Learn how founder Colleen Dyck turned her homemade snack into a nationwide business: GORP Clean Energy Bar.

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  • GORP Clean Energy Bar
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The company

Between working, being a mom, and training as a triathlete, Colleen Dyck needed fuel to keep her going. But time and time again, she found herself at the drive-thru when she got hungry. She tried to find a healthier way to eat on the go and turned to energy bars, but they didn’t seem any more nutritious. They always seemed to be packed with refined sugars and other cheap, artificial ingredients. Instead of searching the supermarkets for an alternative, she decided to make her own.

Dyck began to experiment and developed a recipe for "good old raisins and peanuts" bars, or GORP, a popular name for trail mix. Even though she created the bar just to keep herself “out of the drive-thru window,” it didn’t take long for family, friends, and even training partners to start asking her for them. Eventually, welding shops and other businesses in her hometown started contacting her to order the bars. That's when she realized the potential: “this could be something.”

To feed the demand, she recruited an “army of women” to help her make as many bars as possible. In her basement, they made cookie sheet after cookie sheet, slicing them into bars with pizza cutters.

Eventually, they were pumping out 100 bars a day but still selling out. Dyck decided to quit her corporate job and focus on GORP full time.

The challenge

Dyck knew her company had to establish an eCommerce presence as soon as possible. Shopify facilitated growth initially, but as more and more online orders started coming in, she realized the store needed more support to keep GORP from going stale.

She needed to increase average order value, so she wanted to create opportunities for customers to get more out of every purchase. This would help with scaling the company and also subsidize shipping costs, which were taking a big bite out of profits.

And just like any new business, she needed to find ways to sell more so she could scale and bring in dependable sales each month. This would allow her to confidently budget, hire, and plan for growth.

The solution

Dyck added two Bold apps to her eCommerce recipe to meet these challenges.

The first was Bold Upsell. She used it to design an offer that would entice shoppers to make bigger orders. The upsell would offer them free shipping if they bought more than one box of bars. This would help subsidize shipping costs and increase average order value.

Dyck also created an upsell for GORP’s popular Ready Mix packs. Customers could use them to make bars at home for a lower cost. But to prepare the bars, they need honey, peanut butter, or brown rice syrup. Dyck created an offer for syrup so shoppers could easily add it to their order.

The second app she installed was Bold Subscriptions. It gave customers the option to turn their purchase into a recurring order without interrupting their shopping experience. By giving customers the option to have GORP bars delivered to them on a regular basis, Dyck gave them more value for every dollar and could also have the financial security to make decisions that support growth.

The results

Dyck quickly saw that Bold’s apps were the missing ingredients for GORP’s eCommerce recipe. The incentive to get free shipping for reaching a certain spending amount convinced most shoppers to increase their order value. She also saw an increase in customers buying the syrup for Ready Mix packs. Both these offers made GORP more money, helped subsidize shipping costs, and gave customers more value.

She also saw subscribers grow rapidly, and discovered they had a much higher lifetime value than regular customers because they’d committed to buying products regularly.

As GORP continues to grow, Bold apps are sure to be in the mix to help more people than ever get the energy they need to live active and healthy lives. Dyck says she’s excited to explore the potential Bold apps can unleash for her company. “It’s been an incredible experience so far.”

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