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Callia Flowers


One woman’s idea to make flower delivery delightful and effortless for everyone quickly grew into a nationwide business thanks to a dream, an entrepreneurial spirit, and some of Bold’s powerful apps. Today, Callia has taken root in nine cities across Canada, helping people share special moments with beautiful, seasonal bouquets.




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“Our basket size increased by 61% in the last 13 months. Product Options has enabled customers to add more to a cart but by doing it in a way that doesn't feel like an upsell — doing it more organically."

Catherine Metrycki, founder, Callia

The company

In 2016, Catherine Metrycki hung up the phone, fed up and frustrated after doing something that should be easy: ordering flowers. She just wanted to congratulate her friend on a job promotion — but it turned into a 15-minute ordeal. Catherine was out $100 and worried that her friend would receive a bouquet that looked nothing like what she had in mind.

That day, she realized that “someone had to bring digitization and a better experience to the floral ordering industry.” She wanted to make it easy for anyone to send beautiful, personalized flowers to people they care about. The idea for Callia was born.

The challenge

The strategy was simple: provide an affordable, high-quality flower delivery experience that’s stress-free for the sender and truly special for the recipient. Metrycki turned to Shopify to make her dream into reality.

Pretty soon, Callia was in full bloom, growing westward across Canada, and Metrycki realized flower delivery was a lot different than the typical eCommerce business.

Callia needed to find a way to easily manage inventory for each regional warehouse, ensuring every recipient always got the right flowers, fresh. They needed to coordinate deliveries that customers might schedule weeks ahead of time, while also accounting for last minute orders. They also wanted to offer customers other products they could add to their order to make the delivery experience more memorable.

Callia needed to solve all these problems as the company grew rapidly. Metrycki realized that Shopify couldn’t meet those needs alone, and began the search for a solution.

The solution

After a lot of research, they installed Bold Product Options on their Shopify store. The app allowed them to collect customer and recipient information, set custom delivery rates, easily present product add-ons, and manage locations all within one app. Other features like conditional logic gave them the power to manage inventory at regional warehouses for future deliveries.

"Using apps like Bold Product Options helps us deliver that smooth customer experience."

Product Options also allowed Callia to offer upsells and cross-sells to customers all on the same page. Once a customer selected their bouquet, they could easily add other products to their order, like a vase, gourmet candies, a card, bracelets, or other special gifts.

“By setting it up like that, it doesn’t feel like we are hitting our customers for dollars every time.”

The results

Within a couple months, their average order size exploded. With the help of Product Options, they created a seamless experience that gives customers all the choices they need while also increasing the company’s average order value.

Today, Callia is one of the most popular online florists in Western Canada.

Callia counts on Product Options to easily manage inventory and provide a user-friendly experience to customers while they continue to grow, helping more people across Canada effortlessly share special moments with beautifully curated floral arrangements.

"No matter the user's level of expertise with computers or online ordering, Product Options has enabled Callia to have a quick and easy ordering process that our customers' love, which is a key component to generating repeat business and creating brand loyalty."

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