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How Bold helped Brightbox spread happiness, one box at a time.

Brightbox offers an affordable way to brighten someone’s day.

Company name
  • Brightbox
  • Ecommerce
  • Subscription boxes
App spotlight

The company

Brightbox is in the business of sending “happy mail.” That is, colorful and cheerful gift boxes starting as low as $5 (including US shipping), sent anywhere someone is looking to spread happiness or let someone know they are thinking of them.

The idea stemmed from founder Shae Workman wanting to send a simple but meaningful gift to a friend who was going through a hard time, and being stuck with two options: pricey gift baskets or tired flowers. After Shae crafted her own gift box from scratch, an idea was born.

The company officially launched in 2017 in Shae’s basement, where she worked on Brightbox in her spare time while trying to raise a family. At the start of 2020, her goal was to maintain steady growth.

But Covid-19 gave Brightbox a surprise boost when, almost overnight, it became one of the best, memorable ways to let someone know you were thinking of them, even if you couldn’t see them. Whether sending congratulations for an accomplishment, expressing sympathy for a loss, or just saying “thinking of you,” Brightbox provides an affordable and far more meaningful option to reach out than sending a text or email.

Bold + Brightbox

Brightbox uses Bold Product Options to offer customization and personalization to make their already special gift boxes a little more bespoke. From tailoring their own box to adding personal elements to curated crates, Product Options provides Brightbox’s customers an easy to use and visually appealing user interface. Customers can pick from a gallery of greeting cards and add a custom message to let a person know they’re in someone’s thoughts.

These messages of love are a key part of the Brightbox experience — in fact, one of Shae’s favourite parts is reading the personalized notes people are sending, seeing firsthand the joy she is helping to spread.

The outlook

As people look for new (and affordable) ways to connect or reach out to friends and loved ones during Covid-19, Brightbox continues to grow, increasing their average order value by 80% in 2020 and tripling their revenue.

When it comes to good karma, Brightbox is getting as much back as it’s putting out into the world. They’ve benefited from the viral effect of people posting their bright and fun boxes on social media. In fact, people are so delighted from receiving their little crate of joy that they’re often inspired to check out Brightbox for themselves to send out even more good vibes into the universe.

Shae gives credit to Bold Product Options for helping her brand stand out. Despite there being a lot of negativity and fear in the world today, Brightbox is in the business of truly bringing light and love into the world.

I would recommend anyone use Bold Product Options on their Shopify store. It’s what has made our product stand out, it’s been extremely user friendly, and was very easy to start using.

Shae Workman, CEO, Brightbox
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