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When Beddys teamed up with Bold, dreams came true.

Learn how Beddy’s got an 85x ROI with simple cross-sell offers.

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  • Beddys
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The company

Crawling into a nicely made bed at the end of the day is always a pleasure, but making your bed look nice in the morning usually isn’t.

That struggle is what inspired Betsy Mikesell to create Beddy’s innovative zip up bedding. After spending many mornings battling bunks her sons left messy, she thought there must be a better way to make the bed.

With the help of her mom, Betsy stitched together her own design with deep quilted corners for effortless fitting and a comforter that zips onto the sheets for an easy-to-achieve made-bed look.

When friends started asking for their own, Betsy and her friend Angie White realized the idea shouldn’t be put to bed, but made into a business.

Since launching in 2014, Beddy’s has grown into a 20 person team. They sell their products exclusively online, serving up soft minky and cotton materials for beds of all sizes in 15 countries.

The background

But Beddy’s didn’t just have bedding sets for sale, they also offered a variety of other bedroom decor products from blankets to pillows to throws — they just needed to get them in front of customers.

As an ecommerce retailer, they had trouble letting shoppers know about everything else they were selling. Without a sales associate there to help customers find other products, they needed ways to get those items exposure and uncover more sales.

Beddy’s + Bold

The team began to explore ways that they could help people cozy up to their other products and came across Bold Discounts and Bold Upsell.

They used the apps to create tailored product suggestions and cross-sell offers for shoppers when they added certain products to their cart, and could even discount those offers to give shoppers an incentive to accept them.

This not only helped them increase their average order value, but also helped their customers complete their bedding set with a coordinated look for less.

Plus, the offers worked with systems they already had in place. Their affiliate network spread the word about their bedding sets, each with their own discount code. Customers could still apply these codes to products the apps had already discounted, helping shoppers get even better deals and avoid confusion or frustration.

The outlook

Customers were thrilled to get coordinated looks at a discount. This was evident not only from positive feedback, but also from the financial results.

Even through the COVID-19 economic upheaval, Beddy’s has seen their revenue steadily rise — in part thanks to the Bold Discount and Bold Upsell.

In the last year, Beddy’s has seen an increase of 528% in revenue from upsell offers, translating to a 85x ROI on the app.

With just a few clicks, the team at Beddy’s didn’t lose any sleep over business, even through the pandemic, and they hope to continue helping customers sleep better with beautiful, easy-to-use bed sets.

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