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Discover how The Artisans Gifting company increased their sales by 70% with Bold Discounts.

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  • The Artisans Gifting Company
  • Retail
  • Craft supplies

The company

The Artisans Gifting Company created a way to serve all generations of crafters and quilters by focusing on great customer service with a convenient online presence.

This made people who were used to in-person shopping feel more comfortable buying online, while also serving those who were already familiar with ecommerce.

Denise Bellarie founded Artisans after retiring from an18-year career in human resources. It was the perfect time to take another stab at learning how to use an old sewing machine she had never quite got the hang of. This time she worked at it and excelled, and eventually started teaching local sewing classes.

After helping more people in her community foster a passion for sewing and design, she realized there was an opportunity to sell fabric and other supplies online. She wanted to supply the upcoming generation of entrepreneurial makers, as well as veteran hobbyists with tools and notions to express their creativity so she founded The Artisans Gifting Company in 2015.

The background

Denise already had a five-year plan in place to gradually grow Artisans, but when COVID-19 hit, her business really picked up. Many of the local supply shops closed, and her online store saved the day for many makers who were looking to construct face masks people needed during the pandemic. The fact that Artisans offered standard delivery as well as local pickup made it easy for people to get the fabric and other supplies they needed.

Every day Denise saw sales climb, with people who had never sewn before wanting to help make masks that the community needed. Denise not only provided them the supplies, but also offered a free face mask pattern on her website along with a how-to video.

Artisans + Bold

To keep the store fresh and exciting, Artisans wanted to offer daily deals so customers would look forward to coming back to her store and to getting fabric and supplies at irresistible prices. To do this, Denise installed Bold Discounts.

Daily deals give customers something to look forward to, especially during a time of so much uncertainty.

Denise Belliare, Owner of The Artisans Gifting Company

Denise wanted to launch a reward program as a way to give back to her customers. Using Bold Loyalty Points, she created a program that gives members five percent back for every dollar they spend. She also hosts double point events, attracting more shoppers to her store so they can get ten percent back. On top of that, customers can claim bonus points on their birthdays or just for signing up.

The outlook

As the COVID-19 numbers continue to peak and valley, Artisans will keep helping makers of all skill levels get the supplies they need to make masks or to stay creative while at home under social distancing protocols.

With the help of Bold Discounts, they’ll keep on putting on exciting daily deals, which have increased their sales by 70%. They’ll also continue serving members of their reward program, which makes up to 90% of their customers, proving people appreciate Artisan’s high quality service and rewards.

The thing I love about Bold is their customer service. To me that’s number one. At Bold, everyone I talk to is very knowledgeable and I never get put on hold for hours. I can get my website running the way I want it to and keep my business going. I think that’s important to any entrepreneur.

Denise Belliare, Owner of The Artisans Gifting Company
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