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  2. Culture [kuhl-cher]

    noun: A shared set of beliefs, values, &
    practices that help build a company.

  3. Our Builders Code is the operating
    system that powers Bold's culture &
    helps drive all of our decisions.

  4. Why do we care about culture?

    Great Culture = Great Company

  5. A good culture doesn't just help
    attract talented people, it
    amplifies their abilities &
    enables them to do their best work.

  6. We are Bold,
    this is our
    Builders Code

    1. We are builders.
    2. We look for the best BUILDERS.
    3. Results are what matter most.
    4. We trust our builders will use good judgement.
    5. We believe in our core values.
    6. We focus on the big picture.
    7. We foster innovation.
    8. We are transparent.
    9. We believe in promoting from within.
    10. We believe in giving back.
    11. Our builders are accountable to each other.
  7. 01. We are builders.

  8. It takes builders to get a
    start-up off the ground.

    Builders figure it out with the tools they
    have & do whatever it takes to
    get results.

  9. Builders to...
    build an amazing team,
    build a good culture,
    build awesome products,
    build solid relationships,
    build a strong client base, &
    build a great reputation.

  10. That's great, but aren't we
    past the start-up stage...?

    In our eyes, we will always be a start-up. The only difference
    is that we now have many more builders to help us achieve our
    goals. More people only means loftier goals! As builders, we need
    to continuously
    innovate, learn, improve, grow, & of course...build.
  11. After all, the day we become complacent and
    stop innovating, is the day that Bold will die.


    (Yup, that's our motto!)
  12. Let's build Bold's future together!

  13. 02. We look for the best BUILDERS.

  14. We have lofty goals and strive to be
    the best. In order to achieve them, we
    need the best team of BUILDERS.

  15. 8

    Traits we look for in










  16. Belong

    Every team needs great players to win championships,
    but in the end it’s the best
    team that wins. We value
    skill, but personality & team collaboration will always
    trump individual talent. There is
    no room for ego.
    Make people around you better, & we'll rise

  17. Being a team player also means sometimes doing things that
    aren't part of your "job description" to help out the team.

    BUILDERS do whatever it takes to get shit done.

  18. Understand

    Builders understand the needs & urgency of their customers,
    of their team, our vision & direction. When making
    think it through to fully understand all the needs.

  19. Innovate

    We believe in innovation in every aspect of our
    company. In
    every department, in every position,
    every day, we look for people who constantly innovate
    to make Bold more efficient, more profitable, and
    overall a
    better place to work. #InnovateOrDie

  20. Learn

    Builders must always be growing, learning, developing
    and honing their skills in order to stay in the lead.

    "The only person you should compare
    yourself to is the person you used to be."
  21. Deliver

    Builders are measured by their

    contribution to their team
    and their

    Deliver on your promises, deliver on time, deliver results.
  22. Elevate

    Bold is constantly evolving as we grow. Builders elevate
    themselves and their team in order to stay ahead. Builders
    aren't afraid of change, they embrace the challenge, get
    excited about the new opportunities, & aspire to be

    "When you're too caught up on what's behind you, you
    miss out on the opportunities that are in front of you."
  23. Respect

    Builders respect their peers, appreciate their hard
    work, and treat everyone as
    equals. They remain
    accountable to their customers & their team,
    trust in others' abilities to make smart decisions.

  24. Support

    Builders make it a priority to always
    support their
    customers, to support
    team, & to support our vision.

  25. 03. Results are what matter most.

  26. At Bold, it's not about being in your seat

    it's about producing results.

    Remember the "D" in BUILDERS = Deliver
  27. Of course, the best way to achieve great
    results is with a great team.

    Great teams are built by working together,
    learning off each other, discussing, debating
    and by being accessible to each other.

  28. But we also understand that people have
    lives & sometimes need some quiet time.

    So we have flex hours

    & allow working Off-Site.

  29. Flex hours allow you to work around your lifestyle so
    you can work when you are most productive & engaged,
    without sacrificing other things that matter to you.

  30. Working Off-Site allows you to do exactly that;
    work off-site when you need a little quiet time to be
    extra productive. It's a nice perk but those who
    fit our culture wouldn't want it to be the norm

  31. Your team always comes first.

    Ensure you remain accountable to your team. That
    you are around when they need you and that you are
    in the office when there are scheduled meetings.

  32. Your success will be measured by
    what you & your team deliver.

  33. 04. We trust our builders will
    use good judgement.

  34. Every business needs basic guidelines & procedures
    run efficiently, that's just smart business.

    However, we don't believe we
    need a policy for everything.

  35. Instead we simply expect everyone to

    use good judgement

  36. Here's a simple cheatsheet on using good judgement:

    Customer > Team > Individual

  37. What does that mean?

    This is the order in which we should make ALL decisions.

    Customer = Who you are ultimately responsible for, ALWAYS comes first.
    Team = Your team, as well as the company come second.
    Individual = Once you've focused on the customer & team, then focus on yourself.
  38. Example: You are wondering if you can work from home tomorrow...

    Do your customers need you or can you service them fully
    at home? Does your team need you to be in the office?
    Do they need your help or do you have a meeting?

    If you follow the Customer > Team > Individual rule
    and use good judgement, you'll have your answer.
  39. Perception is also very important.

    If you start working off-site too often, how
    do you think it will impact the team?

  40. Another general rule we live by:

    Leave things better than you found them.

  41. If a coffee mug is left on the boardroom table that isn't yours, pick it up.
    If you come across a screen that has typos, fix them.
    If you're working in bad code, optimize it.

    If we all did these on a regular basis
    Bold would be a much better company.

    Always improving, always getting better.
  42. 05. We believe in our core values.

  43. We attribute all of our success to our 3 core values

    Build the most amazing Team.

    Provide industry leading Support.

    Build the best Products.

  44. Build the most amazing Team.

    "The way a team plays as a whole determines
    its success. You may have the greatest bunch of
    individual stars in the world, but if they don't play
    together, the club won't be worth a dime!"

    - Babe Ruth
  45. Provide industry leading Support.

    Always go above & beyond to help our customers. Don't
    just answer their question,
    go the extra mile to ensure
    customers not only leave satisfied, but are so happy that
    they will without a doubt
    come back to us the next time
    they need something for their business.

  46. Build the best Products.

    Always strive to build innovative products that
    solve a problem. Go out of your way to ensure
    they are user friendly, extremely flexible,
    customizable, & provide the best functionality.

  47. Remembering our core values
    that got us here will be the
    key to our success going forward!

  48. 06. We focus on the big picture.

  49. Our vision is to

    to achieve success.

  50. Our Mission

    Founded by builders with the goal of being at the forefront of commerce,
    our mission is to create digital services that help merchants increase their
    bottom line. Bold strives to make an impact in the community by providing an
    environment where people can thrive and mentor each other’s success.
  51. The big picture isn't about you or me, today or tomorrow.

    It's about following our vision to get us where
    we want to be in 5 years... 10 years...

  52. We hire with the big picture in mind, we
    build with the big picture in mind, we make
    decisions with the big picture in mind.

  53. You can either lead with a compass or lead with a map.

    We lead with a compass.

    Things change, we evolve, but we stay on course.
    The path we take to get there doesn't matter, as
    long as we ultimately arrive at our

  54. We want everyone to act like owners
    and always think about the
    big picture.

    Which is why everyone gets
    employee Stock Options.

  55. When making decisions about the
    big picture, always remember:

    Customer > Team > Individual

  56. 07. We foster innovation.

  57. Our motto is #InnovateOrDie for a reason!

    We truly believe that the day we stop
    innovating, is the day that Bold will die.

  58. Innovation should be a priority in every
    department, in every role, every day.

    No matter what role you are in, what can you do to make
    your job
    better, the team stronger, our customers happier?

  59. Because the people who are crazy enough to think
    they can change the world are the ones who do.

    - Steve Jobs
  60. Just a few things we do to help foster innovation:

    #InnovateOrDie Days

    10% Innovation Time

    1on1 Mentoring

    Lunch & Learns

    Education Fund

    Learning Resources

  61. #InnovateOrDie Days

    Held twice per year, #IOD days are software
    development challenges, where teams develop
    a project into a working MVP that is then
    presented at the end of the 48 hour challenge.

    Also known as "Hack Days".
  62. 10% Innovation Time

    We allow and encourage everyone to allocate
    10% of their time to work on anything they want that
    will improve their role, a product, their personal
    skills, or that benefits Bold by adding value in any way.

    The perfect time to complete unfinished #IOD Days projects.
  63. 1on1 Mentoring

    What good is knowledge if you can't share it?
    Request 1on1 mentoring with anyone on our team
    to further develop your skills and personal growth.

  64. Lunch & Learns

    Held as often as people plan them, lunch & learns
    are a perfect way for our team to get together to
    share knowledge on a particular tool, product or service.
    Everyone is encouraged to come learn. If you have a topic
    you'd like to share, you are encouraged to teach.

  65. Education Fund

    Available to all Builders is a yearly education fund
    that can be used for growth. Whether it's by taking a
    related course or program, or attending an industry
    conference, we want to help you grow.

  66. Learning Resources

    Always available to our Builders are a plethora of
    online learning resources, as well as business & industry
    related books to help with personal development.

  67. The difference between ordinary and
    extraordinary, is that little extra.

    - Jimmy Johnson (NFL Coach)
  68. 08. We are transparent.

  69. We believe in being transparent.

    Transparent with our sales and revenue,
    and transparent with our decisions.

  70. We are transparent because we want
    everyone to feel ownership.

  71. An important note...

    Transparency ≠ Democracy

    Transparency is about being open and honest,
    not about making decisions by consensus.

    We each have a voice, but not always a vote.

  72. We are also transparent with our customers.

    It's better to be open about our mistakes & learn from
    them, than lie to our clients & lose their

  73. We believe in an open door policy.

    Everyone has access to anyone
    in the company, at all times.

  74. We also have monthly

    Ask Us Anything

    sessions with the entire team.

  75. And we expect our Builders to be transparent.

    Transparent when you do good things - we want to know about it!
    Transparent when you are struggling - we want to help!
    Transparent when we can improve - how else will we grow?
  76. 09. We believe in promoting from within.

  77. We believe in promoting from within
    when possible & qualifications are met.

    Keep in mind it's physically impossible to double by only promoting from within.
  78. If you don't get selected for a role, it
    doesn't mean you aren't the right fit.

    It may just mean that you aren't quite ready. But with a
    little progress, & a little time, you might become ready.
  79. Ways you can progress at Bold.

    1. Gain mastery & become the best Builder you can be.
    2. Support those around you to the point that the team can't live without you.
    3. Show initiative & be transparent (yup back to the transparency thing).
  80. How do you achieve mastery?

    To achieve mastery, you must dive deep. Talent is
    not enough. Mastery takes intense commitment
    and dedication to your craft.

  81. How do you support your team?

    Ensure you are a team player and put the team's needs
    above your own. Become the "go to" person that people
    come to for everything. Rise up and lead by example.

  82. How do you show initiative?

    Others should never be surprised by where you want to go.
    Make people aware of your aspirations. Take initiative,
    take courses, & learn. The more you grow, the further you'll go.

  83. If you follow these three guidelines,
    you'll go a long way.

    "Amazing people don't have average goals."

  84. 10. We believe in giving back.

  85. We know we are fortunate for everything we have,
    so we believe in giving back to our community.

  86. We volunteer our time at educational events
    (speaking engagements, mentorship programs, etc.).
    We host meetups and community events.

  87. We have also taken the 1 + 1 + 1 Pledge.

    We donate 1% of People / 1% of Product / 1% of Profit
  88. No one can do everything,
    but everyone can do something.

  89. 11. Our builders are accountable
    to each other.

  90. Builders are accountable to

    Customer > Team > Individual

  91. True builders don't believe in complaining.
    They only believe in
    constructive criticism
    that has a
    positive purpose.

    Help us make our culture better, not worse.
  92. How you work with your team is important,
    but how you work
    when no one is looking
    shows your true

  93. Together, we can build an amazing culture, but in order
    to not punish the many for the actions of the few, our

    builders must remain accountable to each other.

  94. We realize that our culture isn't
    for everyone, which is fine by us.

    Non builders will stand out like a sore thumb & will
    quickly realize that Bold is
    not the right fit for them.

  95. If you don't believe in our vision, or don't feel like
    you fit in our culture, we want to make it easy for you...

    We'll give you $3,000 to quit.

    No hard feelings, no catch. We just want
    people who believe to stick around.

    ( only applicable if you have completed the probationary period )
  96. Are you ready to build at Bold?