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Priority Development & Design

Helping build your business, fast.

Use our experienced web developers and designers as if they were your own – at a fraction of the cost of your own web team. Once we know all the details of the project or task you want to complete, we get to work quickly.

  • We possess over 100 years of collective eCommerce and development experience
  • We build mobile-friendly websites and optimize for all screen sizes
  • We help you – fast. No long queues or wait times for development
  • We’re experienced in ADA compliance
  • We set SEO as a high priority

Common projects we’re happy to take care of:

  • Partial or complete page and template redesign
  • Custom sale and merchandising scripts and customizations
  • Product customizers and build-a-product setups
  • Site speed auditing and improvements
  • Banner and graphic design
  • Custom sort and filter build outs
  • Third-party app and service installation, set up, and customization
  • And anything else you need built, designed, or added to your site
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Some of our Favorite Solutions

Problem: TenTree product lines and featured product and promotions change seasonally and mid-season. TenTree’s native collection structure and operation for their store kept them from making fast, flexible changes and featuring specific products and collections.

Solution: We created a framework for TenTree to select, arrange, and change out imagery for collections, featured products, and promotions. All of the customization is managed through Shopify theme settings, making it easy to change and update at a moment's notice.

Problem: Due to the large amount of text and imagery above Aeroblend’s add to cart form on the integral product landing page, customers were quickly losing interest and abandoning their sessions because they weren’t able to find key product facts and benefits.

Solution: We designed and developed a mobile-first product page for Aeroblend that positioned the add to cart form at the top of the page. Moving away from the text-heavy layout, we built clearly defined sections that highlighted the product’s unique benefits and features, putting emphasis on the most persuasive and essential content.

Build a Better Buying Experience with Bold Managed Services

All plans below include Priority Development & Design and Conversion Rate Optimization services. Working with your dedicated Account Manager, you will craft a queue of development, design, and optimization projects focused on improving your site and customer experience.

20-30 Hours

Maintenance and Small Projects

Great plan for a steady stream of small projects and maintenance tasks, including running A/B tests on homepages, product pages, cart pages, and more.

40-70 Hours

Medium-Large Projects and Some CRO

Perfect plan for lots of small projects or a steady stream of medium-to-large tasks, including running Conversion Rate Optimization tests 1-2x/month that help deliver results for your online business.

80-120+ Hours

Extensive and Full Optimization

Extensive development and maintenance, including ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization tests that help deliver results for your online business.

Not sure if it's right for you?

With experienced design approaches and data-driven decisions, we can help take your eCommerce store to the next level. We’d love to talk – start the conversation today.

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