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Create an end-to-end loyalty solution.

Use Bold Loyalty right out of the box, with powerful core features and integrations designed to create a unique loyalty solution for your eCommerce store.

Simple to install

From beginning to end, Bold Loyalty takes minutes to install on your store. You’ll have a customized widget and a variety of ways to earn and redeem points immediately upon installing.

Bold Loyalty Points
Storefront widget

The storefront widget is a customer's portal into your loyalty program. It showcases the customer's loyalty information including their points balance, how far they are from their next reward, and what their next reward is. Customers are also able to sign up and log in through the widget, viewing their earnings, rewards, and coupons all in one place.

Bold Loyalty Points

Our widget fits perfectly on your customers’ mobile devices, making it easy for them to earn and redeem points.

Bold Loyalty Points
White-labeled program *

All of our paid plans allow you to remove all Bold branding, letting your customers focus on you and your brand.

Bold Loyalty Points
Personalized emails

Send branded emails to promote your program to your customers, encouraging them to return to your store to take advantage of their earned points. Emails can be triggered by new sign-ups, points earned, retroactive points awarded, and rewards claimed.

Bold Loyalty Points
Custom rewards

Go beyond discount codes; Custom Rewards lets you create any kind of reward you want, whether it's a shoutout on social media, an exclusive product, or special access to your store.

Bold Loyalty Points
Flexible earnings

Customers can earn points in a number of different ways, including making purchases on your store, signing up for the program, sharing their purchase on Facebook or Twitter, and even earning on their birthday. More ways of earning are being added every month!

Bold Loyalty Points
Flexible redemption options

Once your customers have accrued enough points, they can redeem coupons through the storefront widget for rewards like a percentage discount, a fixed dollar amount off, or free shipping. You can also allow customers to convert all of their points to a single dollar-off coupon, letting them use their points as they earn them.

Bold Loyalty Points
Promotions and campaigns

To help drive sales, offer bonus point events and point multipliers to your customers on specific dates or events.

Bold Loyalty Points
"Smart" points

If a customer forgets to log in, the app will automatically add points to the account associated with the email address used at checkout.

Bold Loyalty Points
Progress bar

A progress bar on your store’s widget shows customers how close they are to earning their next reward.

Bold Loyalty Points
Automate the import process

Use our built-in import tool to transfer all of your customers and their point balances into the app.

Bold Loyalty Points
Retroactive points

Award points to your existing customers for purchases they’ve made in the past based on their email address, even before the app was activated.

Bold Loyalty Points
Social bonuses

Offer bonus points to customers for sharing your store’s information on Facebook or Twitter.

Bold Loyalty Points
Registration points

Award loyalty points to customers for registering an account on your store.

Bold Loyalty Points
Birthday bonuses

Award customers bonus points on their birthday.

Bold Loyalty Points
Transaction log

Bold Loyalty records transactions that happen in your loyalty program, capturing every time a customer earns or redeems points on your store.

Bold Loyalty Points
Exclusive website access

Adjust what content displays on your website for members, or change, show, or hide elements on your store based on what membership your customer has using Bold Memberships. You can even change liquid templates so you have a completely different site when members log in vs. non-members.

Bold Memberships
Unlimited membership tiers

Create unlimited member tiers, giving members different levels of access to special pricing, exclusive products, and content using Bold Memberships.

Bold Memberships
Show/hide functionality

You can choose to show or hide any products, collections, pages, blog content, prices, add-to-cart buttons, menu items, etc. based on membership status using Bold Memberships.

Bold Memberships
Auto-tagging: dollar amount spent

Automatically assign customers to specific tiers based on how much they have spent. E.g. Spend $500 to become a Silver member, receiving 10% off the entire store.

Bold Custom Pricing
Auto-tagging: number of orders

Reward repeat customers by automatically assigning them to specific tiers based on how many times they’ve ordered from your store.

Bold Custom Pricing
Auto-tagging: location *

Automatically assign customers to specific tiers based on their location, showing different pricing to customers based on the country displayed on their account.

Bold Custom Pricing
Wholesale & tiered pricing

Offer wholesale or customer-specific pricing to select customers by manually adding them into groups, or by selling them memberships. They can also be organized by a predetermined set of rules.

Bold Custom Pricing
Personalized product recommendations

Automatically analyze thousands of data points on your store, recommending products to each unique visitor based on previous browsing & search history, past purchases, similar customers’ behaviour and successful transactions. You can also present complementary categories based on where they are in the purchase funnel.

Bold Brain
Audiences (targeted emails)

Audiences help merchants segment their customers, automatically generating a list of customers who have viewed a specific product on their store, added a product to the cart but did not check out, or have successfully completed their purchase. You can then export the list, optimizing your marketing campaigns by creating a high-engagement email list for you to send retargeting emails to.

Bold Brain
Smart widget

Display widgets on your homepage (or wherever you want) that contain your store's most popular products which are specific to a customer's preference at that time, creating a completely personalized shopping experience for each unique visitor on your store.

Widgets include: “Most Popular Products”, “People Also Bought”, “Top Rated Products”, “Recently Viewed Products”, and “Recently Added Products”.

Bold Brain
Cost of goods sold (COGS)

Input your product costs to see not just the sales and revenue you’ve made from your product recommendations, but the actual profits from each, and use that information to offer optimized recommendations to customers.

Bold Brain
Robust customer returns portal

Allow customers to submit return requests, track the status of those returns, and print shipping labels all from an integrated portal on your store.

Bold Returns Manager
Manage all of your returns in one place

You can set custom return rules and deadlines, see analytics on return requests, and approve or reject requests all in one place.

Bold Returns Manager
Custom return rules

Set rules for the length of time each of your products is allowed to be returned.

Bold Returns Manager
Create and send shipping labels

Allow customers to automatically generate UPS shipping labels for returns. Once a shipping label is created, the customer only needs to print it out and attach it to their package.

Bold Returns Manager
Multiple return types

You can offer your customers the option of store credit, refund, or exchange when they submit a return.

Bold Returns Manager
Automatic customer return emails

Send your customers an email for every step of the return process: when the process is initiated, when you receive the item, and when a refund is issued or a new item is sent.

Bold Returns Manager
Assign restocking fees

Assign restocking fees to your products, deducting the amount from the refund total or amount credited.

Bold Returns Manager
Automatically adjust inventory levels (Shopify)

Use Bold Returns to automatically adjust inventory levels when products are returned, without navigating back to your Shopify admin and manually adding the item back into your inventory.

Bold Returns Manager
Industry-leading support

We have the experience and manpower to deal with any unlikely outages or issues immediately as they arise, with emergency support available from a team of over 80 eCommerce specialists.

PCI & GDPR compliant

Data security is a top priority for Bold and our merchants. We are heavily invested in ensuring we are PCI, DSS, and GDPR compliant to protect you and your customers’ personal information at all times.

Servers you can trust

We know global brands cannot afford downtime, which is why we have built our tools on industry-leading servers that scale on demand as your traffic increases, especially during high-volume events like a Flash Sale or Cyber Monday.

* Premium features

Charge for loyalty points

Use Bold Memberships with Bold Loyalty to sell an annual membership to the higher-tiered members of your loyalty program. E.g. Charge $59/year to be a VIP member and earn double the points.

Use points as cash

Use points directly in the checkout just like cash. When combined with Bold Cashier, Bold Loyalty lets customers pay for products, taxes, and shipping right in the checkout, without the use of discount codes. This allows customers to continue using your store’s existing discount codes while using their points as cash.

Upsells and cross-sells

Use Bold Upsell with Bold Brain to match products from your store that are frequently purchased together, automatically generating cross-sells based on real-time data collected from your customers. All you need to do is click ‘accept’ and the offer will be up and running on your store in minutes.

Offer VIP sales

Combine Custom Pricing with Bold Memberships to offer exclusive sales and discounts to VIP members.

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