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Flexible rewards

Use Bold Loyalty to increase repeat purchases and encourage your customers to buy more by offering your choice of coupons, custom rewards, or letting customers pay with points.

Create custom tiers

Use Bold Memberships with Bold Loyalty to create tiers or sell an annual membership to highly engaged members of your loyalty program. E.g. Charge $59/year to be a VIP member and earn double the points.

Returns as a strategy

Create a custom returns policy, using it as a way to improve transparency and increase trust, while automating the returns process to save yourself time and energy.

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Offer customers a simple, easy-to-use loyalty program on your store.

Using Bold Loyalty Points, you can create a loyalty program that's quick to set up, and easy for your customers to earn and redeem points. From beginning to end, the app takes minutes to install, and your rewards widget can be active immediately upon installation.

Customers will be able to sign up and log in through the widget, and can easily view their points balance, how far they are from their next reward, and what their next reward is. If a customer isn’t a part of your loyalty program, the widget is a perfect way to promote it by highlighting the the program's key benefits and any rewards you offer just for signing up.

Besides increasing repeat purchases and encouraging your customers to buy more, the app lets you offer bonus points on purchases, is mobile-friendly, has flexible earning and redemption options, and lets you easily offer customers extras such as event-based bonus points.

Personalize the shopping experience.

Bold Brain analyzes thousands of data points on your store, recommending products to each unique visitor based on previous browsing & search history, past purchases, similar customers’ behaviour and successful transactions. You also have the option to present complementary categories based on where they are in the purchase funnel.

The app can use audience segmentation to automatically generate lists of customers based on who has viewed a specific product, added a product to their cart but did not check out, or successfully completed a purchase. You can then export this information to create high-engagement lists for retargeted emails.

Offer exclusive pricing and content.

Bold Memberships gives you the option to offer your customers access to special pricing, exclusive products, content, and rewards on your store.

It can even show completely different website content to members. The app can change, show, or hide elements on your store based on what tier your customer has, or you can change liquid templates to display a completely different site when members are logged in.

Alternatively, you can set it up so that people without a membership can access standard products, such as coffee beans, but customers with VIP can access an enhanced store where they can purchase fancy blends or higher-end roasts.

Optimize your returns process to increase customer loyalty.

Put the control back into your customers’ hands by giving them visibility of the entire returns process using Bold Returns. An easy-to-use portal empowers customers by allowing them to submit and manage their returns themselves, making the process as easy as possible.

The returns manager widget can be embedded on any page of your store, and you can include any special instructions that your customers need to be aware of.

Not only can they check the status of their return through the widget, but they can add custom notes, view any notes the store has included, return multiple items, and receive email notifications regarding the status of their return(s).

On your end, Bold Returns has powerful built-in features that saves you hours of time by automating the returns process, including creating and sending shipping labels, automatically sending customer emails, and adjusting inventory levels.

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