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A global checkout solution made simple.

Use Bold Everywhere right out-of-the-box with powerful core features and integrations customized to suit your business' unique needs.

Fully customizable

Bold Everywhere is completely customizable for businesses with unique needs. From a custom front-end experience and site design to styling to match your branding, you can tailor the look and feel of Cashier to meet your needs.

Bold Cashier
Branded checkout URL

Give your customers a branded shopping experience from beginning to end and an added sense of security throughout the checkout process by displaying a URL that belongs to your store.

Bold Cashier
One-page checkout

Increase conversion rates by allowing your customers to check-out how they like to shop: allowing you the flexibility to create a multi-page or single page checkout experience.

Bold Cashier
Fraud protection

Cashier integrates directly with Riskified to provide fraud security on every transaction, automatically approving or declining each transaction based on its real-time precision machine learning assessment of your shopper.

Bold Cashier
PCI & GDPR compliant

Data security is a top priority for Bold and our merchants. We are heavily invested in ensuring we are PCI, DSS and GDPR compliant to protect you and your customers’ personal data at all times.

Servers you can trust

We know global brands cannot afford downtime, which is why we have built our tools on industry-leading servers that scale on demand as your traffic increases, especially during high traffic events like a Flash Sale or Cyber Monday.

Multi-currency billing

Remove conversion friction with localized pricing. Display and collect payments in 150+ real-time currencies with no additional credit card conversion fees for your customers by leveraging the multi-currency app for your customers.

Bold Multi-Currency

Let your customers select their preferred currency from a stylized drop-down menu, or use the app’s built-in geolocation tool to auto-switch currencies by a customer’s location.

Bold Multi-Currency
Price rounding

Bold Everywhere supports multiple rounding rules for more accurate pricing, allowing different rules for different currencies. Pricing control allows for rounding at the product level and includes the flexibility to add additional margin.

Bold Cashier
Payment gateways you love

Supports dozens of payment gateways including Stripe, Authorize.Net, Moneris, Braintree, PayPal via Braintree, Elavon, Moneris, CyberSource, Beanstream (now Bambora), WorldPay, and many more.

Bold Cashier
Gift cards

Allow your customers to pay with gift cards. Customers can redeem their gift cards for the full balance of the transaction and/or pay the remaining balance on a credit card.

Bold Cashier
Stored accounts

Eliminate an element of friction at checkout by letting your customers save multiple credit cards for future purchases, allowing them to experience faster checkouts and fewer abandoned carts.

Bold Cashier
Discount codes

Create and distribute discount codes for your customers to use when checking-out on your store.

Bold Cashier
Payment capture on shipment

Credit card information is securely captured and tokenized at checkout, with payments processed when each order is shipped.

Bold Cashier
Enhanced shipping integrations

Ship globally via integrations with the world’s most popular shipping providers with the option to add margin to your shipping by a percentage or fixed dollar amount to boost your bottom line.

Bold Cashier
Real-time rates

The app continuously syncs in the background without slowing down your site, so you’re always using real-time rates for shipping and tax calculations with your preferred carrier or tax solution.

Bold Multi-Currency
Multi-language support

Use custom fields to make your checkout available in the same language as your store, allowing your customers to shop and check-out in 54+ languages.

Bold Cashier
Add a custom map

Add a map to your site and customize its size, where it geographically starts, and from what zoom level, on top of what’s displayed for the address listings and the popup bubbles.

Store Locator
Unlimited map locations

Add unlimited locations to your map, letting you manually enter or bulk import stores and locations.

Store Locator
Adjust locations

Map pins are created using built-in auto-location based on address, or you can drag and drop any store’s pin, putting it exactly where you want it. Plus you can use any icon or image you want for your pins.

Store Locator
Heat map reporting

See where there’s demand for your products with a heat map that reports where customers are searching for you or your products.

Store Locator
Works in any country

The map works in every country, and the front end can be manually changed to any language.

Bold Cashier
Create location "groups"

Create customized groups for your stores or dealers to rank or display them differently on your map. You’ll also have the ability to assign unique colors to different groups so customers can easily see the different types of stores.

Store Locator
Add expiration dates to locations

When setting up a new location on your map, you have the ability to add an expiration date to stores or dealers if you want to feature them for only a select period of time.

Store Locator
Bulk import / export

Add stores to your map one at a time, or use our bulk import tool to do them all at once. You can also bulk export all your stores in a CSV file.

Store Locator
Custom search fields

Create custom search filters, making it even easier for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Examples include specific products found at each location, payment methods accepted, or hours of operation.

Store Locator
Industry-leading support

We have the experience and manpower to provide emergency support from a team of over 80 eCommerce specialists.


TaxJar on Cashier provides you with live tax rates, ensuring you are charging the correct taxes on every purchase without the added effort of monitoring tax holidays, changes, etc. For extra convenience, a paid-TaxJar account gives you the ability to automatically file your sales taxes by state regularly.


Cashier integrates directly with Riskified to provide fraud security on every transaction, automatically approving or declining each transaction based on its real-time precision machine learning assessment of your shopper.

Google Analytics

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID (UA code) and we'll automatically send page and event views, or add custom tracking scripts to provide additional data on your order confirmation page.

Upsell after checkout - Shopify only

Increase average order value by offering upsells immediately after a customer completes their purchase, adding it to their order with a single click without re-entering their credit card or shipping information.

Loyalty Points - Shopify only

Customers can redeem points through your loyalty program in the checkout alone - or alongside another form of payment - just like currency. No coupon codes necessary.

Subscription cross-sells - Shopify only

Send promotional emails that allow your customers to automatically add additional products onto their next subscription shipment with just one click.

Order management - Shopify only

Your ultimate knowledge center: manage payment processing, timing, and invoicing all in one place.

Tweet for discount - Shopify only

Let your customers tweet a link to their exact order right in the checkout for an instant discount and watch your store go viral! No coupon required.

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