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Provide advanced customization options.

Take personalization to the next level by combining Bold's Product Builder and Product Options to create a customized shopping experience that suits your business' unique needs.

Advanced conditional logic *

Show or hide selections based on the previous option your customer has selected, with conditions applying to entire steps, or just the options within a step.

Bold Product Options
Unlimited customizations

Let your customers select unlimited customizations and options right on the product page. After the order goes through, you’ll be able to see those options on the order summary within your admin.

Bold Product Options
Add unlimited steps

You can create as many steps in your product builder as you’d like. Steps can include predetermined options or blank text boxes that are perfect for engravings.

Bold Product Builder
Inventory tracking

Each option in your steps can be tied to a specific product variant on your store. This will not only attach a price to the choice, but track inventory as well. You also have the option to ignore inventory, hide options that have no inventory, show the choice but disable it, or allow it to be selected to show an “out of stock” message.

Bold Product Builder
No additional variants (Shopify)

Add unlimited options to product pages without worrying about hitting Shopify's 100 variant limit. E.g. The app will let you assign 1,000 variations to a product, using only one Shopify variant.

Bold Product Options
View swatches *

Show your customers exactly what options they’re choosing by uploading swatches for them to view during the selection process.

Bold Product Options
2D or 3D imaging

As customers make their selections, the product image will change based on their choices with the option to show them a standard 2D image or a unique 3D effect.

Bold Product Builder
Mandatory fields

Make certain options mandatory for your customers to select when customizing their products.

Bold Product Options
Selection options and input types

Customers can select options using checkboxes and checkbox groups, radio buttons, text boxes (single and multi-line), color swatches, calendar date picker (available add-on), images, dropdown menus (single and multi-select), and email, phone, and color fields with the ability to customize everything.

Bold Product Options
Assign additional charges *

Increase sales by assigning prices to specific options that aren’t in your inventory, adding additional charges when customers make certain selections.

Bold Product Options
In-cart editing

Customers can edit the options they’ve previously selected directly from the cart page without having to start over from scratch. This feature can be enabled as a slide-down feature, or as a pop-up on the cart page.

Bold Product Options
Bulk apply options *

Bulk-apply options to thousands of products at one time with a single click, assigning option sets to a single product, or a custom-selected group like a collection, brand, or product type.

Bold Product Options
Completely customizable

Customize how your options appear with a user-friendly in-app editor. You can style your titles, text boxes, backgrounds, font sizes, spacing, borders, CSS, and even change all of the “label” text to any language you like.

Bold Product Options
Create custom forms

Create a custom form to gather information from your customers, adding it as a step in your product builder.

Bold Product Builder
Industry-leading support

We have the experience and manpower to provide emergency support from a team of over 80 eCommerce specialists.

PCI & GDPR compliant

Data security is a top priority for Bold and our merchants. We are heavily invested in ensuring we are PCI, DSS and GDPR compliant to protect you and your customers’ personal data at all times.

Servers you can trust

We know global brands cannot afford downtime, which is why we have built our tools on industry-leading servers that scale on demand as your traffic increases, especially during high-volume events like a Flash Sale or Cyber Monday.

* Premium features

Quantity-based discounts

Quantity Breaks works with Bold Product Options to offer discounts on customized products, both with paid and non-paid options selected.

Customized subscription products

Products Options integrates with Bold Subscriptions to offer unique, customizable products on a subscription basis. Subscribers will be able to replace products in their existing subscriptions with an updated version, or have the option to add additional customized products to their subscription as well.

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