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Advanced conditional logic

Show or hide selections based on the previous option your customer has selected, with conditions applying to entire steps, or just the options within a step.

Bulk apply options

Bulk-apply options to your products with a single click, assigning option sets to a single product, or a custom-selected group like a collection, brand, or product type.

2D or 3D imaging

When your customer selects a choice, an image will appear in the preview panel. This can be a standard 2D image or a series of images that create a unique 3D effect.

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Sell custom-made products from scratch.

Create an intuitive creation process using Bold Product Builder, providing your customers the ability to construct their own unique products based on options you’ve provided. We’ll walk you through the process of creating the steps necessary for a customer to build their products, with the option to use conditional logic to show or hide options based on their previous selections.

Edit customized products during checkout.

Increase conversions by reducing purchase barriers; give your customers the option to edit their customized products right on the cart page. They can make changes to the options they’ve previously selected directly in the checkout in a beautifully styled pop-up window, or as a slide down feature; whichever you prefer.

Create global option sets.

Gain access to our enterprise features by using Bold Product Options to assign global option sets to your products. With one click, you can create and bulk-apply advanced option sets to every item on your store simultaneously. You also have the choice to filter which products the options are assigned to, applying them to one product or custom-selected group like a collection, brand, or product type.

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