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Post-purchase upsells

Bold Upsell offers upsells after your customer has completed their purchase, adding additional products to their order without going through the checkout process again.

AI and machine learning

Bold Brain analyzes thousands of data points on your store, recommending products to each unique visitor based on real-time data that has been collected.

Store-wide sales

Make it easy for customers to shop your sale by discounting all of the products on your store, adjusting all prices with just one click.

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Leverage artificial intelligence.

Combine Bold Upsell with Bold Brain to take the guesswork out of creating offers on your store. Bold Brain analyzes thousands of data points including previous browsing & search history and past purchases to find out what items are frequently purchased together, automatically generating upsells and cross-sell recommendations based on real-time data collected from your customers.

Not only does the app provide these recommendations, but it also intuitively creates the upsells for you; just click ‘Create Upsell’ and it will be displayed on your store in a matter of seconds.

Motivate your customers with multiple offers.

Encourage your customers to spend more by offering free gifts when they spend a certain dollar amount using Bold Motivator. Simply select the product you'd like to offer, select what dollar amount they need in their cart, and the app will automatically add the item to the cart when the customer reaches that goal.

You can also create multiple motivators at one time. For example, you can offer a free hat when customers spend $100, while still displaying a promotion for free shipping when a customer reaches over $50 on your store. The app will automatically let customers know how much more they need to spend to reach each goal based on the cart total.

Change all of your prices with just one click.

If your store carries a large amount of stock, it can take hours to manually adjust the price of each individual product in preparation for your sale.

When you run a sale with Bold Discounts, the app automatically runs through your entire store and adjusts the price of selected items with just one click, putting the original price in a "compare at" price field so customers know exactly how much they’re saving.

Use product bundling to drive sales.

Bold Bundles is perfect for increasing your average order value; it gets your customers to add more products to their cart in order to receive the bundle deal.

Bundling is also great for driving sales of slower-moving products or promoting new items on your store by pairing them with your best-selling products.

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