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Sell smarter with advanced product recommendations and data analysis

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make personalized recommendations

Recommendations widgets

Display personalized product recommendations to every customer.

advanced data analysis

Advanced data analysis

Create effective offers and optimize your store with data-driven insights.

tools to help you target your audience

Target audiences

Use automated audience data to create highly targeted email campaigns and run advanced reporting.

Make other apps smarter with Bold Brain

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Bold Bundles

Product bundle recommendations

Get product bundle recommendations that you can activate and start offering customers with one click.

  • Use data-driven insights to increase average order value.
  • Sell bundled products on your store.
  • Easily track inventory.

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Bold Loyalty Points

Get inside the minds of your customers

Track and target your customers through all phases of their customer journey in your store. From Awareness to Consideration, Acquisiton, Retention and finally Advocacy.

  • Automatically categorize users based on behavior
  • Export data to create targeted promotions and messaging
  • Track the success of your loyalty program over the long-term

Pricing designed to scale with your business



  • Insights
  • Reports
  • Audiences
  • Upsell recommendations
  • Bundles recommendations
  • Subscriptions recommendations
AI Widget

$19.99 /mth

+2% widget transaction fees
  • All Basic plan features, plus:
  • AI Widget smart recommendations