Subscriptions LTV: 4 Keys to Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Sell smarter with advanced product recommendations and data analysis

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Recommendations widgets

Display personalized product recommendations to every customer.

Advanced data analysis

Create effective offers and optimize your store with data-driven insights.

Target audiences

Use automated audience data to create highly targeted email campaigns and run advanced reporting.

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Bold Subscriptions

High-converting recommendations

Take the guesswork out of subscription recommendations by leveraging Brain’s easy-to-read data insights to generate high-converting subscription recommendations based off your customers’ purchase history.

  • Install Brain and let it analyze your store’s past orders, calculating how often specific products are purchased and in which intervals.
  • Review each recommendation and activate the ones you want to offer to shoppers.
  • Add to the recommended products to a subscription group with a couple of clicks.

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Bold Upsell

Smart upsells and cross-sells

Use Bold Upsell with Brain to discover what products from your store are frequently purchased together, and automatically generating cross-sell recommendations you can activate with the click of a button.

  • Get higher converting recommendations.
  • Review offer recommendations.
  • Click ‘accept’ and the offer will be up and running on your store in minutes.
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Brain saves me a l ot of time and gives me great insight about upselling data and recommendations. I highly recommend this app who already uses Bold Upsell App.

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This is an easy app to install and it does the thinking for you. It works with Bold's Product Upsell (another highly recommended app) and we saw an increase in average order size almost immediately. Finally, no one beats their customer service, they are super helpful and FAST. We use multiple products created by Bold.

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Bold Bundles

Product bundle recommendations

Get product bundle recommendations that you can activate and start offering customers with one click.

  • Use data-driven insights to increase average order value.
  • Sell bundled products on your store.
  • Easily track inventory.

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Bold Loyalty Points

Get inside the minds of your customers

Track and target your customers through all phases of their customer journey in your store. From Awareness to Consideration, Acquisiton, Retention and finally Advocacy.

  • Automatically categorize users based on behavior
  • Export data to create targeted promotions and messaging
  • Track the success of your loyalty program over the long-term

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  • Insights
  • Reports
  • Audiences
  • Upsell recommendations
  • Bundles recommendations
  • Subscriptions recommendations
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  • All Basic plan features, plus:
  • AI Widget smart recommendations