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The Bold Life

We strive to provide the best workplace in Manitoba. A place where you can feel the passion and creativity in everyone you meet. A place where you’re trusted, respected, and challenged to grow. A place where you can have fun while building amazing products. And maybe most importantly, a place where we don’t just want you to think like an owner, you will be an owner too! Through our Employee Share Ownership Program, we offer a portion of the company to all of our staff.

To make that happen, we need a team of people who genuinely give a shit about what we do, our team, our customers, and their success. We’re more than just an awesome place to work – we care about our employees, and that’s why we put so much thought and effort into creating an environment that people want to work in.

We have a community of support to help transition not only you, but your family, into living in our beautiful province. We have family days, staff parties, and social outings where co-workers and their partners have an opportunity to get to know each other better, to make your transition as seamless as possible.


Ever wanted to start your own Shopify store? We’ll pay you to do it! With $300 a year, 3 months of Shopify’s fees waived, access to reduced-priced partner apps, and any of Bold’s apps for free, we want everyone to get their entrepreneurial juices flowing and get their own stores up and running.

Education fund

To help fuel your passion for change, each employee receives $500 a year to put towards anything that will help with their personal development including online courses, classes, books, conferences; anything that will help you reach that next level of success.


We need a team of people who genuinely give a shit about their work, their team, and want to help build the best company possible. Part of that is sharing your knowledge and learning from others through one-one-one mentorships to help guide your career development.

Equipment tools

You’ll be provided with everything you need for success right from day one including a laptop and any other equipment relevant to your position. And don’t forget about the swag! We’ll make sure you’re outfitted in some Bold gear, and a few other little surprises as well.

Employee Share Ownership Program

We want you to think like owners, act like owners, and be rewarded like owners. That’s why we’re making every Bold employee an owner with our Employee Share Ownership Program after their first year of employment.

10% time

Not only do we give you 10% of your time to work on any project you want that helps you grow or improves things at Bold, but we encourage you to take it! All we ask is you use good judgement and act in the best interest of our customers and our company.

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