Why Bold Apps - What sets Bold's apps apart from the rest.

Why Bold Apps

What sets Bold's apps apart from the rest.

Trusted Servers

What could be worse than spending months preparing for Black Friday and then having your site crash, costing you thousands of dollars in sales? At Bold, we do testing and optimization of all our apps to make sure your customers have the best experience possible. Years of experience handling the influx of traffic has given us the experience to anticipate the type of problems that may arise.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is available to talk to you in whatever way is most convenient for you. You can give them a call, book an appointment for them to call you, start a live chat or send them an email. Heck, you could even mail them a letter if you wanted! Not to mention the pages and pages of info, FAQs, and user tips all available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Installation Help On-Site

If you run into a problem installing one of our apps or just don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself, we’re here to help! Our install team will be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you want them to be. Whatever works best for you and your store.

Team of Developers on Site

We’re constantly upgrading our apps, always releasing new features AND teaching you how to use them to maximize your sales. We have a dedicated team of developers on site so we’re constantly ahead of the game, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Customizable By Our Experts Team

Any of Bold’s apps for Shopify can be customized to fit your store. Whether it be a cosmetic change or tweaking a function, our team of experts is always available to give you a free consultation and work with you to create the best plan possible to fit your needs.

Because they make you money!

We're store owners too, so we think like you! All our apps are designed to make you money. Whether it's upselling on a sale, increasing customer LTV with subscriptions or adding quantity breaks and bundling, they all increase the bottom line one way or another.

Increase your sales with Bold apps

We were store owners before we started Bold, so we know exactly what eCommerce entrepreneurs need to take their businesses to the next level. All of our apps are designed to make your life easier and to increase your profits. What more could you want?

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