<strong>Store Locator</strong> Shopify App

Store Locator Shopify App

Add a fully customizable, interactive store locator map to your store complete with driving directions.

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Store Locator Shopify App


    Introducing the original store locator app for Shopify! This is an extremely powerful app that allows you to add a ‘Store Locator’ section to any Shopify website. This can help potential customers find the location of your shop or to find stores carrying your products. Fully customize the look and feel and add filters such as “Open 24 Hours” or “Wheelchair Accessible” plus so much more!

    This is the only store locator app that uses the official Google Maps interface, producing the best search results and driving directions on the Internet! It also supports simple search terms like city and street names with misspellings.

    You can also see a heat map report of where your customers are searching for you or your products. This will give you priceless information about where there is demand for your brand, product or store! (This is a premium feature available on all paid plans).

    • Add unlimited locations to your Shopify store. Great for stores, dealers, distributors and more!
    • Drag and drop the pins to customize your exact store location(s).
    • Create search filters to help your customers find your store and get driving directions too!
    • You can customize the pins on your map! Add your own decal, logo, or whatever you like.
    • Batch upload all your locations at once!

    The Store Locator app helps people find your stores! It’s the only Store Locator App that uses the official Google Maps interface! It produces better search results, driving directions, uses the same search tool Google Maps does, supports simple search terms like city and street with misspellings and much more.

  • FAQ

    Can I embed Store Locator on other pages?

    With the Store Locator app, this is not possible as it creates a shop specific proxy page.

    However, this was such a common question that we actually built a store locator web app that could be used on any platform, any website and can be embedded multiple times anywhere. It's called Mapply. The app is essentially the same otherwise, it's just not platform specific.

    Does it work on a mobile device?

    You bet it does. Once you install the app it’s as simple as pasting in a single line of code, which we can easily help you with if you get stuck.

    Can I create search filters?

    You can create clickable search filters for your stores with options like "Open 24 Hours" or "Wheelchair Accessible." You can even create custom fields for each location.