<strong>Social Autopilot</strong> Shopify App

Social Autopilot Shopify App

Automatically schedules your product updates and blog posts on social media!


Social Autopilot Shopify App


    Posting to social media is a critical part of marketing your online store. The Social Autopilot app is designed to take the pressure off you and let you worry about your store while our app does your social posting for you!

    Every time you list a new product or publish a new blog post, the app will tweet and/or post to Pinterest and Twitter at random intervals with a different messages (that you create when you install the app). This basically puts a large portion of your social media tasks on autopilot.

    Unlike other apps, with ours you can set the intervals to hour span you want so it doesn't clutter your feeds, making you look like a robot. You can create multiple templates for the posts so they're different every time.

    You never need to touch the app again, it will run in the background forever. Now go focus on your business and let this app take care of your product and blog announcements!

    • Never forget to tweet/pin a new product or blog post again!
    • Our built in randomizer tool makes each post different so it doesn’t sound like your posts are automated.
    • It's fun to use and IT'S FREE!!

    This app is designed to make your life just a wee bit easier by taking some work off your plate. Every time you list a new product or publish a new blog post the app will Tweet or Pin it at random intervals with a different random message (that you create), effectively putting a large portion of your social media tasks on autopilot :)

  • FAQ

    How often does Social Autopilot post?

    Social Autopilot will post new products and blogs in 30 minute intervals (:00, :30) to Twitter. Due to spam limitations, Tweets may take up to an hour or more to appear up to a max of two Tweets per hour, per Shopify store.

    What Platforms Does Autopilot Work With?

    Presently, Social Autopilot integrates with Twitter and Pinterest. We are hoping to add Facebook again soon. Social Autopilot does not integrate with Instagram as Instagram requires all images to be uploaded directly from a mobile device.

    Will Social Autopilot tweet/post unpublished products?

    Social Autopilot will ignore products in the unpublished state. Once published, they will be picked up by Social Autopilot and Tweeted.