<strong>Sales Motivator</strong> Shopify App

Sales Motivator Shopify App

Increase your average order size through targeted messages to consumers while they shop on your site!

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Sales Motivator Shopify App


    The Motivator allows you to bring your promotions to life by displaying targeted messages when your customers add items to their carts. Let customers know they’re close to receiving a promotion like free shipping or a free item: stats show you can increase your average checkout total by 20-30% by showing customers how close they are to a promotion.

    We offer a standard version of this app as well as a premium version. The premium version allows you to toggle the display of the motivator messages only to specific countries (helpful when offering free shipping, for example), it can automatically add a free product to the cart when a user reaches a goal amount and it allows you to schedule motivator messages to start and stop automatically at chosen times.

    • Add life to promotions by displaying a message to customers when they add something to their cart.
    • Increase average checkout total by 20-30% when customers know exactly how close they are to receiving a promotion!
    • Customizable messages allow you to match the messages to your company’s voice!

    Sales Motivator is simple: It displays a Motivator Bar in your store to encourage customers to spend more! For example, it might tell them how far away they are dollar-wise to free shipping. And each time a customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button they'll see a message telling them how much more they need to spend to reach the goal. You can word it any way you like to jive with your clientele.

    • "SWEET! Spend 37.21 more and get free shipping!"
    • "Just 37.21 more and you get a free shirt!"
    • "Nice! You're only 37.21 away from a free shirt!"

    The dollar amount is automatically calculated but the rest of the message before and after is controlled by you.

  • FAQ

    Can I set more than one goal in my store?

    There is no limit to the number of goals that can be created. Although we suggest 1 or 2 goals, otherwise it may confuse your customers.

    Can I customize the message my customers see?

    You can change just about everything on it! The size, color, fonts, borders, etc. to any style that you feel best matches your shop.

    Can I choose where on the page the Motivator Bar appears?

    You bet you can! You can choose to display the bar at the top or bottom of your page.