<strong>Product Discount</strong> Shopify App

Product Discount Shopify App

With daily deals, flash sales, countdown timers and more, no customer will ever miss a sale!

$14.99 / month
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Product Discount Shopify App


    With this powerful app you can run sales the same way a brick and mortar store does: by reducing the price on your products! You can put certain segments of your store on sale, the whole store, or just hand selected products. All with only a few clicks! Powerful customizations make this process very quick and incredibly easy.

    Coupons will always have their place, but when you run a sale, you want your customers to know instantly there's a sale on! Without coupons, how do these sales work? When you hold a sale using Product Discount, it actually runs through your entire store and adjusts the price of every item going on sale and puts the regular price in a ‘compare at’ price field.

    This way, when a potential customer visits your store, they instantly see the sale price and you don't risk the chance of them leaving because they didn't know there was a coupon. You dramatically increase your conversion rate! Don’t forget to use the countdown timer to boost sales even further, letting customers see exactly when the sale ends!

    • Manually control or schedule sales for holidays, weekends, power-hours, or whenever you want.
    • Add automatic sales icons to the items on sale.You can pick one of the many icon options from within the app or you can use your own custom designed image!
    • In seconds create sales by product brand, type, collection, or even store wide.
    • Automatically adjusts the price of every item going on sale and then puts the regular price in the "compare at" price field.

    With this powerful app you can run sales the same way a brick and mortar store does: by reducing the price! PLUS, what's even better, you can run a sale on just certain collections, brands, product types, hand picked segments, or even the whole store!

  • FAQ

    Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    The core functionality of this app works without any liquid update. That core functionality being bulk discounts, scheduled sales, storewide sales, daily deals, etc. There are some advanced features to this app that do require a liquid update though. If you'd like to use the live countdown timer, the sales icons, or the duplicate and hide feature there is a liquid update required. In the app there are instructions to do it yourself, or a button to request us to do it for you.

    Is there a limit to the number of sales I can have running at the same time?

    There's no limit to the amount of discount groups that you can have, but an item can only be discounted by one group at a time. If a product is in more than one discount group, the other discount groups will simply skip over that product when applying discounts.

    How long can I have a sale run for?

    There is no time limit on sales. You can run a sale for a few minutes, an hour, a few days, a month or leave it discounted forever!