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Product Bundles Shopify App

A simple and easy way to create discounted product bundles!

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Product Bundles Shopify App


    The easiest way to create bundle and BOGO offers on Shopify without the use of discount codes.

    The app lets you group together multiple products on your store, selling them for a discounted percentage OR a set price. You’ll be able to run promos like:

    • Buy One, Get One Half Price
    • Buy Two, Get the Third Free
    • Buy Three, Get 30% Off
    • Or just a straight Buy One, Get One Free sale

    For example, you could set up a "Sports Fan" bundle, where a customer can put any hat and jersey together and get 15% off each of their items. If they take one of the items out of the cart, the app will automatically adjust the price, removing the discount.

    Increase sales: Decrease your shipping costs while INCREASING your average order value.

    Multiple bundle types: The app lets you bundle by product (group bundling), bundle by collection (mix and match), and Buy X, Get Y (BOGO style bundling).

    Flexible discounts: Bundles can be discounted by a percentage amount (20% off the regular price when you buy two bundled items) or by a fixed dollar amount ($20 off when you buy two bundled items).


    Bundle by product (group bundling)

    Choose two complementary products, set your discount, and you're done! Think memory cards with cameras, video games and consoles, socks with a pair of shoes.

    Bundle by collection (mix and match)

    Select products that customers can choose from to create their own bundle. E.g. Customers can choose any top + bottom on your store to create their own outfit at a discounted price.

    *NEW* Buy X, Get Y (BOGO style bundling)

    Give customers a free item when they purchase a full price product. Great for boosting Average Order Value with "buy two get one free" sales.

    *NEW* Same product, multiple bundles

    You can have one product in up to three different bundles on your store.

    *NEW* Automate bundle recommendations

    Use Bold Brain to automatically set up bundles on your store. It will comb through your data before recommending bundle sales that it’s confident will increase conversion rates.

    Promote bundle offers

    Bold Bundles automatically promotes your bundle offers on the product page, and lets customers know how much they'll save by buying the set. The app will even show a widget next to the "Add to cart" button for the included products that lets customers know what they’ll be saving.

    Inventory tracking

    When using Draft Orders, Bold Bundles uses Shopify's inventory management system, just like any other purchase, without the use of variants.

    Fully customizable

    Automatically matches your branding, with the option to manually change the styling as well.


    Choose your bundle type, select the products that will be included in your bundle, set your discount, and you’re done! In just 5 clicks you’ll have a bundle sale up and running on your Shopify store.

    The app will display the selected bundle items below the product, and customers can click "Add Bundle" to add all the bundle items to their cart, automatically applying the discount on the cart page. If one of the products is in multiple bundles, those bundle sales will be displayed on the product page as well.

    If they don't click "Add Bundle" but add every item individually from each page, they’ll still receive the bundle discount. If one of the items is removed from the cart, the discount will automatically be removed as well.

  • FAQ

    Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    There is a small code update that will need to be done to your theme before you can use the app. Our automated robo-installer can add the code for you and has a 99% success rate! If, for some reason, the update isn’t completed successfully, we roll it back until one of our installation experts can add it manually.

    Can I use Bundles with Customer Pricing?

    Yes, if done in a specific order. You have to create your bundle offers first, and then create the Customer Pricing groups. If the Customer Pricing groups are created first, the products are not available to be selected in bundle offers.

    Does the app use variants?

    When setting up the app, we recommend using Draft Order mode, which does not create new variants.

    If you'd like to give your customers the option to use a discount code on the cart page, you can use Variant Mode. This generates new variants in Shopify with the discounted price. We don't recommend using Variant Mode since it's cumbersome for some stores to manage, and you'll be limited by Shopify's 100 variant per product limit.